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  1. possibly, but not the stripped down version i'm running. all the junk software out there and no app that does this simply. i'd think there would be a market for it. god knows there's software out there that does far more useless stuff than this lol
  2. wouldn't open for me had a "hard error". i'm running server2003 so that could be the prob, thanks anyway
  3. is there a good app out there,preferable portable, that lets you backup your file associations and them restore them? i have almost all my apps as ppApps on a separate partition, but i need something that will take care of file associations after i restore the windows partition. thanks
  4. for those looking for startsmart, try this http://www.demonoid.com/files/details/***** smart start in an option as is recode, but you can have it stripped to the bone without those also. not to mention it's ALMOST portable. very easy install and simple,COMPLETE unintsall(reg,dlls etc). just be sure to edit the reg file with your own license data i mean no disrespect by posting someone elses work. different people prefer different things. both seem very good. hell, maybe the 2 creators could get together and really make the ultimate lite/portable version.
  5. nice work. clean install and uninstall. unlike some of the other "itunes without quicktime". but i'm not a big fan of the new itunes layout and look. and i also count get this to see my ipod, so back to 6 for me. but i'll be keeping my eye on this.

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