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  1. ISO file does not start

    I located that files. Weird situation :/
  2. ISO file does not start

    Bootable_NoEmulation.img - this is the only file on my [bOOT] directory. Unfortunately that didn't work
  3. ISO file does not start

    Any ideas how to FIND the reason why ISO does not start even in VMWare?
  4. ISO file does not start

    Sure as I always do. And that's why I'm surpriced. It's first time happening. And I don't know how to fix that :/
  5. I have that problem since I've integrated some ryan's updates, addons, and nLite Addons for my unattended instalation. When I start VMware and mount the ISO file it doesn't boot. There isn't any text: "Press any key to boot..." and I didn't turned that option in nLite. Any ideas to solve the problem, mates? Greetings from Poland
  6. Acronis OS Selector && Serial Merging

    I've searched board and haven't found anything. Really anyone don't know how to do this?
  7. Greetings Lastly I've installed Acronis tools and I've tried to make an OS Selector Loader in my AIO DVD but every time when prompts: Install Acronis OS Selector on this PC, EULA, etc... He wants me to type my serial number, is it posible to Merge Serial number somehow that I dont have to type my serial each time? I'd be very, very grateful if anyone could help.
  8. [AutoIT] Deleting some dirs. Need help.

    Geez Man, Thanks. You're the best. :-)
  9. Hi. I wanted to write a script which deletes all folders from C:\WinXP called $NtUninstal... (the updates uninstalls) and I can't because it's very hard to me. Please help me. Write here part of script or links to topic which solves my problem. PLZ. Thans. Greetz, pieczniq.
  10. Opera 9

    Yeah, but do you know what digits should I write at: INSTALLER_LANGUAGE= pl? pl_pl? thx
  11. Opera 9

    But if I want to install it in polish language what should I write?
  12. I've done a Unattended XP DVD with Office 2003, needed libraries (vbrun, .NET, so on, so on) and . Everything is fine and works, but I've got a cosmetic problem: I want to change theme to Luna, the theme in window when Windows is asking for serial nr., keyboard settings, language, etc... How can I do that? Sorry for my english Greets, Piczok!