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  1. Well, I update the xp cd here, but to test it in virtual machine, the 2009 does not install msn and not the office 2007, msn it goes to 100% and back to 0% saying that there was error in windows installer, in office since 2007, opens the setup screen, but clicking on the install, is in progress screen but nothing happens. I leave attached the LOG HFSLIP, grateful to anyone who can help me. HFSLIP.rar
  2. Well, after much research on various forums, i found a reg file, which activates the 905,474, only put it in the folder there HFSVCPACK.Tá just download :-) kb905474.reg
  3. Thanks for the help, I will try this method today, getting the result, post here.
  4. I'm having a problem to integrate sata drivers in xp cd by hfslip. What I've tried to do but was unsuccessful, 1 - HFEXPERT create folder, created inside the STORAGE, inside that folder and put the file storage.ini (which I found doing research on the forum), and added the unzipped files from the mass storage (the drivers pack.net). Done so, create the cd command, but does not include the drivers. What am I doing wrong?, I get a help for me to create the cd.
  5. Looking here at the forum, I created the cd xp sp3 en updated (all updates are ok). But the problem is that when I install windows live messenger, I login and it'll open the mail box for it, I open two windows with the interface and ie6 does not enter the box entrada.Segue log in annex, and would appreciate anyone who can help me. HFSLIP.rar

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