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  1. Thanks but i want to make an installer with Nero 8, Nero Express and Nero Recode. The diference between Nero 8 and Nero 9 is that the files of Nero 9 are organized by folders, but in Nero 8 are organized by CAB archives, and i don't know wich files i must deleted and wich must not. Can you help me??
  2. OMFG??!! . I need that numbers for Nero 8, Can you get it??. Regards!
  3. Yes!, i Realize of this then of i wrote the answer here. Now, i don't know how i have to procede for i made my own version. In other words, i don't know how i have to do for edit the files of Nero. Just, i want delete all the components except Nero Burning ROM, Nero Express and Nero Recode 3.. and then, i want to do a new installer with 3 components. Regards!
  4. Thanks for your answer . How can i do for extract the content of Nero 8 Package with a switcher?? Really, i'm fully noob and i don't know where i have to start to read. Regards!
  5. Hi all, i want to make my own version of Nero 8 but i don't now. I saw some guides and tutorials, but i can't understand . I want edit the EXE file of Nero 8 and delete some items, stay it others and create, then, my own installer. Is that possible?? How??. I don't know exaclty if is necessary to programming for this , i'm a total noob in this ... xDDD I read one tutorial for Nero 6 but isn´t works for me. Even, i read the tutorial for Nero 8 but the file in this guide is *.MSI and mine is *.EXE... Thanks for advance! Regards!
  6. lucho667

    Yer beta

    I execute the "Anolis.Installer.exe" and it show me that: In english: The application can't be initiate correctly. Do it click on "Acept" to finish this application. Why??
  7. Hi again, finally works your extraction program . It didn't work for me because i had not istalled the 7-Zip xD. Then, install the 7-Zip and i rerun your program and now, it works . Then, i use the NAR application (v1.2.4) for customize the Nero package downloaded for Nero FTP. Finally, i create the SFX file and the weight is around of 115 MB. Then, i execute the installer, i put the serial number and now, thanks of god!! xD, it appears the program on the list (before this don't happen). I select all the applications of the list and the installation starts. in 70% generally, the installer stops and i don't know why (I know the error that stops the installation. I don't know why this error happens. The error is "The installation don't go on. Some applications were installed and it able to use. Do you wish to uninstall this applications?") . If i cancel the installation of the Cancel botton, the programs are installed until this moment it has been erased. But, i close the installation by "Crtl + Alt + Supr", the Nero already left installed on disk. Why? Thanks for your support and i sorry for my poor english. Regards!
  8. Finally, it works!, with the same error but my package have been installed.
  9. Yes, i used the BETA version. Right now, i have an another problem xDD, when i select the "Customize installation" doesn't appear any program in the list xDD. What can i do?? I attach the image of error in this post. This package contains Nero Express, Nero Burning ROM and Nero Recode. Regards!
  10. The visual style is very good, but the boot screen is great, amazing!!! Regards
  11. Hi, if you can, can you make a version with Nero Burning ROM, Nero Express and Nero Recode??. Because i try with the NAR tool but i don't made it. Regards and thanks!
  12. Hi again. I have the same problem. When the percent of the instalation come until 68, the program allows me a windows with an error and then, close. Why? ¬¬ Regards!
  13. I have the same error , for this, i extract the files of the package from the installer and not from your extractor. I don't know that i can do.. I'll try with the new version. Thanks!
  14. Right now, i am thinking that i never use your "Extractor" because it always give an error for me. For this, i execute the installer and then i copy the "Nar.exe" into the directory of Nero 9 and run it. I think that this is the mistake.. maybe ... xD Anyway, i will try with your answer and so soon i will tell you, editing this post. Regards!
  15. Hi Yes, i downloaded yesterday from the server of nero and the results are the same, doesn't work for me. Really, i am angry. xDDDDD Now, the error that appears is: The installation don't go on. Some applications were installed and it able to use. Do you wish to uninstall this applications? Really, right now i don't know that i think. For me, the package of Nero 9 is damaged, because the error is the same when i try to install the full package. What can i do? The other dude is, when i edit the package of Nero 9 with your program, i delete all the utilities than less "Nero Recode 4". Then, when i try to install the modified package creates with your program, it allow too "Nero Burning ROM", "Nero Express" and "Nero Gadget" ... . If i deleted this components, why appears this components anyway? Regards and thanks for the new version. I'll try.
  16. Hi all again. xD Finally, doesn't work for me . I think that the problem is in the Windows. I hope tomorrow can make a format the hard disk and i will try again. Thanks for all. PD: 20:32 PM, the truth is the EXE of Nero 9 is damaged and fail on the normal installlation package. Regards!
  17. Hi all again. I don't know for that reason the image can't see ... xD. The error is: "SetupX.exe:Critical error in installation of Nero Please contact support. Message: SetupX.exe:there was an error while extracting the UI images. Exiting the deployment process. Error: Esta acción sólo es válida para productos que estan instalados actualmente (In english Error: This action is just for products recently installed." Thanks, i don't know it. Right now, i am following the instruccions of the 1º post to create a new package because i already have the lastest package of Nero 9 . In few minutes i will tell us. Regards!
  18. Hi, i have a problem. Well, twice i make a SFX file (with Nero 8 and Nero 9) and i have the sames results, doesn't wok for me . The error that appears is: And then don't go on.. I am already downloading the newest version of Nero 9 (version i think if i remember very well ). I will try with this version.. PD: Again, your job is great!!. I looking for a applicattion like this for very long time and finally i found it. Regards and i sorry for my regular english. xD
  19. I have the same dude that @aranmalo xD. I have Nero Burning ROM, Nero Express and Nero Recode and the size is 497 Mb ... . Any way, the file compressed has a size of 156 Mb. Your job is great and very easy to make. Regards
  20. Hi, i wanna to extrac the "Nero Recode 2" of the Nero 7 Premium suite. How can i do it?. Somebody can help me? . I am not sure if this forum is the correct, but it does not, i so sorry. Regards!

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