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  1. Success!!! This issue is now resolved! With the help of (mazin) I have solved this mystery and programs can be run in safe mode automatically during windows setup. I reduced the code to one batch file that works perfectly on Windows XP. This batch must be run as the LAST install on windows setup! @ECHO OFF :: CHANGE PROG* TO INSTALLER/S BEING USED SET PROG1=notepad.exe SET PROG2=calc.exe :: DON'T CHANGE THIS STUFF! SET LMROEX=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx SET A=bootcfg /raw /fastdetect /id 1 SET B=bootcfg /raw /safeboot:minimal /id 1 SET C=SHUTDOWN -r -f -t 01 REG ADD %LMROEX%\Installers /ve /d "SafeMode Installs" /f REG ADD %LMROEX%\Installers /v 1 /d "cmd /c start /w /min cmd /c %PROG1%" /f REG ADD %LMROEX%\Installers /v 2 /d "cmd /c start /w /min cmd /c %PROG2%" /f REG ADD %LMROEX%\Normal /ve /d "Exiting Safe Mode" /f REG ADD %LMROEX%\Normal /v 1 /d "%A%" /f REG ADD %LMROEX%\Normal /v 2 /d "%c%" /f %B% %c% exit Thanks for the help MAZIN.
  2. Just tested the RunOneEx theory and it didn't work. Nothing that I put in either hklm or hkcu runoneex started up. The script that I wrote earlier would work perfectly if I could find a way to start a program at boot for safemode. Also one more note.. when it reboots, a box comes up verifying if you want to enter safemode or not.. a method to bypass this box needs to be found for "silent" installation.
  3. I believe if you delete the lastsession.ini that nLite creates then it will work. Not sure though.
  4. Thanks for the responses so far yet the resolution is still a mystery. Pmshah: That utility serves no more purpose than "bootcfg.exe" included with WinXP Pro. ... The extra switches you used are unnecessary. Roguespear: I happened to find "Bootsafe" before this post and it doesn't have a switch for silent use. If the RunOnceEx key works during safe mode then I will have my solution by simply changing my script to the following: RebootScript @ECHO OFF regedit /s c:\progs.reg bootcfg /raw /a /safeboot:minimal /id 1 SHUTDOWN -r -f -t 01 Progs.reg Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx] "Reboot-Normal"="bootcfg /raw /fastdetect /id 1" "Script2"="c:\\SafeModeScript.cmd" SafeModeScript.cmd @ECHO OFF Start notepad.exe Start wordpad.exe SHUTDOWN -r -f -t 01
  5. Still need help with this if anyone has the knowledge or the "drive" to figure this out.. Feel free to do so.
  6. !!!!!!!!!!!!! My recent discovery is by far the fastest and most results out of any P2P Program out there! It's called Shareaza Plus and it is a modified version of Shareaza to give it the maximum speed and search results. It is blazing fast! Of course if you use SP2 you must get a tcp patch and change to 50. I forget its location search sourceforge.net for it.
  7. Hi, I am making my unattended Win XP Pro Setup and I have been trying to find a way to reboot into safe mode to finish installing certain files. I want this to happen automatically after setup finishes and then pick up where it left off. In safe mode it should automatically install a few files then reboot back into normal mode and be finished. I have searched my a** off for a command line switch to reboot into safe mode on xp like u can for 95/98 but to no avail. My recent failed attempt involved using the utility included in xp pro called BOOTCFG.exe. It worked partly by rebooting and then entering safemode but I have no idea to pick up the script or another script after in safe mode. Here is the beginning of the script.. @echo off ECHO. ECHO REBOOTING INTO SAFE MODE ECHO. bootcfg /raw /a /safeboot:minimal /id 1 SHUTDOWN -r -f -t 01 This script must be ran before rebooting or every boot will be in safe-mode: bootcfg /raw /fastdetect /id 1 SHUTDOWN -r -f -t 01 ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.. I AM AT A DEAD END

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