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  1. This is an old thread, and I hear what you're saying, but I have to ask: What Microsoft literature states KB2639308 was replaced by KB2676562? I see no mention of supersedence on any of these pages: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2639308https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2676562https://technet.microsoft.com/library/security/ms12-034https://technet.microsoft.com/library/security/ms12-may http://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/Search.aspx?q=kb2639308 Pick one of the updates. Go to "package details" tab and it'll tell you.
  2. OK just figured out what that service pack 1 thing was about. Turns out that installing KB2533552 (a non-integrate update) after the system is up and running satisfies WU and it doesn't offer SP1 any more. So even though it's supposedly superseded, something in it is still required by WU.
  3. On a separate topic, when I integrate all the May updates, WU offers me this: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (KB976932) But the file size is only approx. 9 MB. Looking in the SoftwareDistribution\Download directory after installing it, all the files have references to KB2533552, which notably was superseded in May by KB3020369. Anybody else seeing this?
  4. Hey Steven? You didn't get run over by a bus or anything, did you?
  5. In the meantime if you can't wait, you can just do what I did: take an iso built off the March ulz, install it in Virtualbox, and run WU from the VM to get the list of updates. Then download them from http://catalog.update.microsoft.com. Although Steven may have some additional ones when he updates his list as he seems to sometimes include things that don't show up in WU for me.
  6. Okay, thanks for the update, and glad you've found the culprit. About KB3033929 and KB3035131, in the security advisories MS states that KB3033929 supersedes KB3035131, so the latter update is not really needed. Yeah I was following the conversation. Anyway I went ahead and included 3035131 in my integrate, with WTK set to include it as a prerequisite (do those first). Don't know if you use that tool for your images, but I love it. EDIT: ok, kb3035131 seems to be no-integrate for me. I added it in my image and again got the old familiar "windows could not configure some system components" error. ****, the March updates are turning out to be a giant PITA. And since Patch Tuesday is tomorrow, I guess I'll need to grab those updates as well. What a cluster-F. EDIT 2: oops I guess patch tuesday is next week. EDIT 3: sorry for all the edits BUT: it's definitely a problem integrating kb3035131. I just removed it and re-integrated and everything works again. No other changes. EDIT 4: sorry for yet another edit, but it turns out the integrate problem was not with kb3035131, it was something unrelated in how I massage my install images before making my final iso. But I guess it's kind of a moot point now, since kb3035131 was superseded by another update in the April update batch.
  7. Hey Steven, no need I already found the reason. Accidentally re-included the Polish-only update. >:-(
  8. Is one of the new updates non-integrate? I tried updating my install media to include the March '15 patches but now it fails to install with the old familiar "couldn't configure one or more system components". EDIT: DAMNIT! Again I accidentally re-included kb2835174 and that was the cause. Grr! Why, MS? Also about kb3035131 vs. kb3033929: I integrated only kb3033929 and after install, WU still offers kb3035131. Looks like I'll have to integrate that one as well (WTK has a prerequisite section just for stuff like this).
  9. Just out of curiosity, is anyone else experiencing install media size issues? My x64 install media with all updates + IE11 + 2 lang packs is very near the 4.7GB DVD size limit.
  10. I get this on IE11, because Wintoolkit won't let me integrate IE11 language packs so I have to add them post-install. So even though I do integrate all IE11 updates, after I install the language packs WU will still tell me I need the 2 current IE11 cumulative updates. So even though I integrated them, I have to take them again. As for Windows itself, I integrate the language packs I want and WU doesn't offer me anything.
  11. @Steven: heads up, there is a new Flash release to patch a 0-day exploit. The Flash version your ULZ includes,, is affected. The fixed version IIRC is supposed to be Just now read about it over at arstechnica.
  12. So when I first started this little project, I just took Steven's ulz, integrated everything there and looked what MU said. It asked for a bunch of things, mostly RDP, but other stuff too. For all the missing stuff, I got it from MU catalog site (http://catalog.update.microsoft.com). At some point during that process I discovered that kb2574819 I was getting from WUD was corrupt, and took the MU catalog copy instead. That fixed it. The 2 updates you mention may be the same problem, because I saw kb2993651 in the ulz but MU asked for that one also. I think the one I finally integrated was from the MU catalog site. TL;DR - try downloading the fixes from MU catalog site and see if that fixes it. Are you using the same WTK as me?
  13. Some other observations/suggestions for Steven: 1. The MSU files for kb2574819 (both x86 and x64 IIRC) seems to be corrupted from your source. Redownloaded them through MU catalog site (slightly larger than the originals) and they integrated fine. 2. There were 1-2 more superseded updates that I don't remember what they were. I can post my final Wintoolkit .ini files if you or anyone else is interested. 3. FYI if integrating IE11 and one or more Windows 7 language packs, WU will offer the IE11 language packs to go along with them. I got them direct from MS just by googling. Which leads me to... 4. I don't know the history of all these ULZ's, but I noticed you include a small handful of language packs, while another ULZ has the full list (including one I needed). Maybe you could update your language pack list to include the rest of the supported Win 7 languages?
  14. So first things first: I left out kb2859537 on both my x86 and x64 integrates and WU did not ask for it. However, there are several updates WU asked for which I did not get from Steven's ULZ. Testing done on Win 7 Ultimate x86/x64, Win Toolkit, and Virtualbox 4.3.18. kb2984976 - RDP update, can't be integrated anyway kb2830477, kb2923545, kb2965788, kb2984972, kb2984981, kb2985461, kb2994023, kb3003743 - RDP updates, but these can be integrated kb2972107, kb2972216, kb2978128, kb2979578 - .Net 4.5.2 updates, can't integrate because AFAIK the .Net 4.5.2 installer itself can not be integrated. I understand Steven doesn't want to include RDP stuff, but the .Net ones are would be nice if they were somehow included. (since the 4.5.2 installer is included in there) That said, there's also a couple that I think were left out accidentally, not related to RDP: kb2973351 kb2993651 Steven, I know you've said in the past you don't want to include RDP stuff, but maybe if you put it in a separate tab so people who want a clean WU report can get it easily? Just a suggestion...
  15. Just to be safe, I've left out that update and will report any issues with WU requesting it...
  16. So what about x86 version? 2859537 was never superseded on the x86 platform.
  17. Hmm, that differs from what the MU update catalog site has for these 2 KB's: 2859537: http://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/ScopedViewInline.aspx?updateid=1689ceb1-9030-4832-9a83-f371d9820531 2872339: http://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/ScopedViewInline.aspx?updateid=2577b217-c954-4629-a281-70ebf9150ddd EDIT: I just noticed, the superseding you attached was for x64 version, not x86.
  18. Steven, about 2620712: the latest update in that chain of updates (2859537, supersedes all the others before it) is not in your most recent ulz, at least for win7 x86. Oversight perhaps?
  19. Yeah that would probably be good for anyone else like me, using WUD to get the updates then using Wintoolkit to integrate them. I'm trying to build an iso now with all updates except this one, so I guess we'll see how that goes. Hopefully no more nasty surprises... EDIT: OK so there were no more nasty surprises, setup installed successfully in virtualbox, setuperr.log 0 bytes. BUT... upon running WU in the guest, it reports some needed updates: Important: kb2510531 kb2861855 - remote desktop kb2862152 - directaccess kb2868725 - disable rc4 Optional: kb2598845 - ie8 only kb2574819 - remote desktop kb2592687 - remote desktop kb2703157 This list does not include kb2533552 which you reported as can't-integrate, or the hated kb971033. EDIT 2: BTW target OS = Win 7 Enterprise SP1 x86
  20. Something I've discovered working with your UL. Was having problems with integrated ISO failing setup in a virtualbox VM, and after a good couple days of debugging, discovered the culprit was KB2819745, Windows Management Framework 4.0. The error was after first reset, it would say "failure to configure one or more Windows components" or something like that. Reading the KB article it looks like .net 4.5 is a prerequisite, which means this update is not integratable into an offline image, unless there's some trick I don't know about. Target OS is Win 7 Enterprise x86 SP1.
  21. So on the x86 version, it looks like you don't include kb2883150?
  22. Steven I don't know if you want to include this or not, but Mooms's update pack over at the wincert.net forums includes updated WU software, these files specifically: wuclient-selfupdate-activex-x86.cab wuclient-selfupdate-aux-toplevel-x86.cab wuclient-selfupdate-core-toplevel-x86.cab Like I said I don't know if you would want to include them or not, just thought I'd throw it out there.
  23. Thank you very much for your quick attention Steven. Will you be including those 3 non-superseded updates in your "personal" ULZ? I like that your ULZ includes DX which the official WUD one does not. Also will check the x64 ones next and let you know if I see anything that looks unusual.
  24. Thanks dude, I appreciate it. One ulz to rule them all, etc etc. About exfat/disk cleanup, I know they're there already, I was just trying to make a point that those are minor, but nice, features to have, and they originally came out as non-descript WU updates, and they're not one of the major Windows addons (like IE, WMP, DX). Little things like that are the kind of things I'm trying to include.
  25. Steven, I was a big fan or RyanVM's and user_hidden's XP update packs for a very long time, and recently made the jump to W7, and still getting used to the way update packs work here. Anyway, I see that the WUD "official" .ulz for Win 7 SP1 **x86** includes several updates that yours doesn't. Can you please have a look? kb2534366 kb2607047 kb2618451 kb2639308 kb2641690 kb2647753 kb2769369 kb2791765 - you already said this one was superseded kb2813170 kb2823180 kb2863058 Again, sorry if this is n00b stuff but I want to come up with the right update list that makes WU happy and also includes the really useful feature additions (like exFAT FS back on XP, or the W7 disk cleanup enhancement from kb2852386. (the one that can scrub the winsxs folder).

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