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  1. Thanks for your help. The system account was the problem. The files in question were his blackberry backups and had only assigned his specific user rights, no system or administrators were listed on those files. So we implemented a change in our migration scripts to run cacls first and add system rights at the root then propagate those rights down through the drive to prevent this from happening again.
  2. We use PE in our data migration process here and until yesterday I thought the native operating systems permissions were ignored when booted with PE. We were having an issue on one migration where we could not copy files off the machine and after changing the permissions in the native OS (Windows 2000) the copy proceeded without error. Is this a fluke or does PE actually look at permissions? Any help is appreciated.
  3. We use WinPE to do data migrations at my company but we have recently had some VB.NET code developed for Win XP that I would like to run in WinPE. I know PE doesn't support the .NET framework but I have found a plug-in to enable it but the plug-in requires WinPE 2004 or later. My question is how do I determine what version of WinPE I am running? I have been using this version since march of 2004. Any help is appreciated.

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