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  1. registry problem

    Actually , you can turn it off in Language Panel options\properties. No need to change registry , penel will be turned off.
  2. Windows XP won't get installed

    It seems that your memory broken. RAM. Try to remove memory sticks 1 by 1 or ask your friend for some , try to install OS with it. I got myself same signs when my 1 gig memory stick broke. Your PC will show that you still having that amount of RAM , but wininstall will freese in the middle , and after a while you'll get BSOD with various mistakes. After removing that 1 gig mem. stick & inserting one from another PC - installation progressed without any freezes or mistakes. Also if you have time you can simply run some DOS memtest , to see how many errors it'll show. I'm expecting many
  3. You can just check it by yourself If you've any UL for your system , NOT latest - use it. If WUD deletes latest downloaded updates that isn't in UL file (I mean newest from latest ul) - you are correct. Make sure you made a backup Sorry , I can not check it by myself , 'cause deleted all old ul files...Anybody have old RUS ul for XP? %)
  4. Russian updates list

    А нету, похоже.Раньше были, кажется.Не думаю, что подойдёт от обычного варианта... Проще попросить сделать.
  5. Error Opening .ul File

    Well I thought about it , so asked for details It's all described on this forum , now installation an ULs is much more easy then it was For example , ENG ULs installs by double-click on them from ANY location on your PC , but RUS ULs which I needed - only if it's placed in WUD dir. Thanks to EasternShore for his post & it's really interesting , what will author say
  6. Error Opening .ul File

    Can you say when exactly this error occures? May be I just don't understand... If you need to OPEN .ul file - try notepad. If to install to WUD - place it to WUD dir on your HDD & open WUD , try to double-click on file after extracting or something No answers in this top indicates that nobody ever seen this error...May be you do something wrong? P.S. Please , describe what are you doing when ulz file downloaded on your machine.
  7. WindowsXP - updated ul's

    Any UL file , that you download from jcarles site have(has?Sorry for my english) publish date.That means rj66 included ALL available updates from MS download center on that moment. Wait for next UL , about a month , there'll be new updates You should download NEWEST UL file , if you want to get latest updates.
  8. Russian updates list

    http://wud.jcarle.com/ Туда всегда выкладываются последние апдейт листы.Практически на всё.Под ВынХР, например, сейчас лежит лист от 24.10.06 rj66 делал.Выбираешь нужный, качаешь, суёшь его в ВАД, и вперёд. По английски продублировать?
  9. Error then try to DL updates

    http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=82319 Try to read this. Грубо говоря, твой файрвол может блокать заполнение реферера.
  10. Problem in C:\

    What icon? From "My CPU" , quick launch ?
  11. How do I download update lists?

    Probably that's firewall of yours.Turn it off & try again. I'm using NIS2004 from Symantec & got the same problem.Downloading from some sites does not starts up while my firewall is "on".It blocks only starting so I just turn it off, start my download & turn firewall on. My web browser is IE6 sp 1 but I download everything whith download manager. If I need to resume paused download - there's no need to switch off my firewall again. That's not DM-firewall conflict , simple downloading with IE shows same problem.
  12. WUD Version 2 Feature Requests

    fredmsfn mentioned slow connections.Like modem 56Kb etc. I think he'd like to use download manager (ReGet , Download Master etc.) for downloading updates 5Mb & more , because WUD can't pause for example.It's important for this type of connection if you need to do something else in web while update is downloading."Connection lost" problem also important for modem users , can WUD continue download if it happens? DM also can reconnect to web or switch off your CPU if you start downloading & going elsewhere or to sleep
  13. USB Drive = 0 Bytes?

    Isn't your desktop too old & cannot right initialize your drives? Did you install it before? I mean, was it working on your desktop properly sometimes?
  14. Admin rights.I don't need protection from myself. And i don't like THIS : If i need to do something i want to do it right now , without account changing & something like it