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  1. Preset from scratch worked!Appearantly, allthough I never acually integrated the RAID drivers, my old preset (which had RAID TXT slipstreamed) probably had a link to drivers that wheren't acually there... After integrating the acual drivers, the problem wasn't fixed. So integrating RAID is still an issue, but I've heard Nuhi is on it, so just hang tight for a new version, untill then just use F6...!
  2. Allright, UPDATE! Well I've been experimenting a bit and I did get one step 'further' After opening the non working stripped iso and integrating both TXT as PNP RAID drivers, then repacking it into a new ISO, setup seemed to find my partitions!! YAY! After the format setup copies files! YAY! 99%! YAY! And then, suddenly it DOES give the 'can't find file' error... ****! Okay, so I retry a couple of times, and then finally decide it's not worth it and skip the files (about 5 files...) I did notice however that with my old ISO it would give the 'file not found' screen twice for every file... So what i'm trying to say is after skipping a file, it would 'not find' the same file again... and you'd have to skip each file twice.... Anyway, after the skipping of the files, and all the copying is done, my PC reboots, and.... Windows setup boots! :| Didn't see that one comming... Allright, no problems during setup, everything seems to work... after setup my PC reboots again, and.... *CRASH* bluescreen... Can't even read what it says, cause it's gone in a split second and my PC reboots... Well i'm all out of CD's to burn, so i'm off to the shop getting some new ones... When I get back my first try will be to just start a new preset from scratch without ever medling with RAID drivers, and add them manualy with F6... Plus my eye will be on here! Cheers...!
  3. I seem to have something simillar, let me try and explain in a bit more detail; I stripped my WinXP SP2 corporate edition, and because of all the hassle decided not to slipstream my (Intel/Promise) RAID drivers. --[EDIT: I forgot! I DID intergrate RAID TXT drivers...!! Didn't work tho, Setup did not autodetect my RAID drive...] So I began! Started running the setup, pressed F6, loaded the drivers from my floppydisk, and bumped onto the format screen. No problem there! All my RAID partitions where visible, and I formatted the one I wanted to install to. That's when s*** hits the fan, After the format, setup tries to copy the drivers from the floppy disk to the harddrive (just as it copies all other drivers from the CD) but it seems to have a problem with copying the drivers! for some odd reason it says it can't find the [driver filename].sys on the disk and I get to choose from, retry, skip, or abort install. After trying retry for a couple of times, ejecting and re-inserting the disk, changing the write protect clip to write protect and back, etc etc, I skipped the file just to see what would happen, and I get the same error for the next file Setup expects to find on my disk...! So I skip all 'unfindable files' and continue on to the copying of setup files from the CD, which proceeds without problem... Obviously, after having copied all setup files and rebooting to boot XP setup, I get a blue screen saying setup has problems finding my hard drive... BUMMER! Now I have 2 windows partitions on my PC, so I went back to my other partition (the (working) one I created the used ISO on). First thing i checked was if the drivers where still on the disk or that maybe apart from formatting my partition, it also formatted my disk... Everything was still in place. Then I reintergrated the SCSI/RAID drivers from the 'Remove components/Drivers' menu, however weird it seemed it might need those after using the drivers from the floppy... And as expected, No luck there... Strangely enough tho, I have a couple of 'less stripped' nLite versions (allthough based on a different XP SP2 source CD) and they all seem to work fine! So i figured maybe the problem was in the XP SP2 CD used as source and figured I'd try installing with the unstripped source... No problem! copies the drivers from my disk perfectly... So, in short: The differences in the working and non working stripped versions lie in: +intergrated RVMUpdatePack2.1.0.7z in non working version +used a different XP SP2 version on non working version (source to this XP DID work however, so i doubt it to be the issue) +the non working version is stripped down a bit more ------------- [Edit] ------------- +To reintergrate the SCSI/RAID drivers from the 'Remove components/Drivers' menu , I simply opened my preset and unchecked the drivers, BUT, in the initial preset RAID TXT drivers had been added. However, all intergrated updates and drivers had vanished (probably because I moved the files, and nLite couldn't find them) so I re-added the update pack, my LAN and video drivers, and left out the RAID TXT drivers just to be sure that the intergration(/unsuccesfull slipstreaming) of RAID drivers wasn't the problem. Lateron I started figuring that maybe there is some leftover something in the preset that points to the driver from the older preset and that might be the problem? So solving it would be to make a new preset, from scratch and NOT intergrate the RAID TXT drivers? -------------- Which leads me to conclude that this weird problem originates in either the update (which seems unlikely) or, SOMEWHERE in the stripping... I tried looking over the strips trying to find any that might relate to floppy or RAID drivers/functionality, but I couldn't find any that I thought where of any relevance... Sadly enough I haven't found which strip causes setup to not find the drivers on the floppy disk the second time it looks for them (in the copy process) Ok, CONCLUDING (finally ) it's either the update... (i'll try installing an iso without the update tomorrow, unless someone can ensure me there is NO way that could be the problem) Or it's a strip/tweak that causes setup to be unable to read the contents of the floppy after formatting the partition... Allright, now I posted my working and non working ini's for you to check out and HOPEFULLY someone will run into a strip that might cause this, because i'm out of places to look, so from here on off it'll probably be trail and error, wasting a spindel of empty CD's just to find which tweak/strip causes this problem... OR if I get the feeling trying to find out how to slipstream my RAID drivers onto the CD will cost me less time then trying to find what strip/tweak causes this disfunction... i'll get into it (I tried slipstreaming TXT but it wouldn't work... Need to slipstream PNP as well?? Oh well that's a different issue ) Edit: I'll also try making a new preset from scratch WITHOUT the RAID TXT's integrated Hope any of you guys can put me on the right track... THANKS! working.ini Nonworking.ini
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