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  1. WPI Standalone help

    Thanks !! I'll have a look into the preset config options. I didn't know you could do that and if you can then it will suit my purposes perfectly.
  2. What I would like to do is create a standalone WPI disk for use with multiple systems. The situation is this: I want a WPI disk that will allow for multiple pc's. To explain further: I have 5 PC's that I use - all with diff programs installed and diff configurations. I want to know if I can create a WPI standalone disk that will allow me to select from multiple WPI installs that have customised scripts for each diff install. EG: Clicking on WPI 1.exe will allow me to install all the programs on PC1 that it requires. Clicking WPI 2 will do this for PC2. Etc etc. Can this be done ? and can it be done while still having only one instance of the scripts and installs folders ?
  3. WPI 5.4 Official release

    okay ... i have reburned my disk and now have an actual config file ... however I have now run up against some other small problems .. 4 of my .msi programs will not install at all ... I have used the script generated by USSF in WPI and when WPI runs after first boot all I get with those 3 programs is the window that is generated by USSF telling me what switches I need to run for that type of installer .. the programs I am installing are: windows live msgr; partition magic 8; photoshop cs2 and Virtual PC ... my adobe acrobat 6 install says error reading files ... Combined Community Codec Pack and Flashplayer 8 both skip with big red crosses next to them ... Ventrilo and Ventrilo Server both register inside WPI as WISE installers when USSF is used to generate the install switches but when WPI tries to actually install them during it's running the window comes up that identifies them as Windows Installers and refuses to complete the setup ... anyone know what might be wrong ?? EDIT: I have now found out that the ventrilo products use the switch /passive ... and partition magic I have been able to create a .iss file for ... but still can't get live msgr /acrobat6/virtualPC to install or create response files ... acrobat reader says "error bad command line" also ... when using the execute after command ... can i execute more than one application using this command ?? and how do I force the final application to wait until EVERYTHING else has finished before beginning it's install sequence .... for example I wish to make my absolute final application to be my antivirus ... it is currently running as the sole éxecute after'app .... but it actually doesn't wait until all other apps have finished before beginning its install .. how can I fix this ?? thx
  4. WPI 5.4 Official release

    okay ... thanks muchly both of u ... will try both of those options again soon ...
  5. WPI 5.4 Official release

    Something very stange happened ... I spent about 2-3 hours creating my WPI files ... checked the config.js script file to be sure that everything was there and then burned my disk ..... The install went perfectly until the point where the WPI interface came up ... When it came up there were no programs listed in the interface ... when I went into the disk and looked into the WPI folder I found that my config.js was simply an empty file. I don't know what could have happened ... the files was there when I had finished setting up WPI ... all of the files are in the WPI Install folder .... just an empty config.js ... I made sure to save it as well ... any thoughts ??
  6. WPI 5.4 Official release

    @zorphnog Thank you ... I will try searching again ...
  7. I have just used WPI to add programs to my new XPcd and am now wanting to add OfficeXP to this cd as well ... however I am not sure if my unattend.mst file is correct ... could someone please maybe have a look at it and tell me if there is something wrong with it ?? thx EDIT my apologies ... it seems that my unattend.mst has disappeared ... along with my officexp folder .... I will have to repost this as soon as I can get it done ... thx
  8. WPI 5.4 Official release

    I checked the applications forum you mentioned and wasn't really able to find much that actually explains how to add information such as registration and serial details, maybe I just missed it, I am blind as a bat at the best of times. There was some mention of using .reg files to incorporate this information but how do I know just what to put in the .reg files and how do I go about actually entering this info into WPI. I know that the nero silent install allows you to use a /serial=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx line in its silent install switches area. Is it possible to use this for other programs as well ?? The other question I have for you is this: I noticed that many apps that use a .msi installer also seem to have a .exe install file in there. Which file do I actually use when incorporating them into WPI and do I still need to have the other file in the install folder. When I have finished incorporating all of my programs in WPI do I have to create a script of any kind to tell windows to run it?? or add a line to my existing runonceex file or anything ?? I use nlite to slimline my XP and then create my ISO once all my integration has been finished. thx again ... all help is much appreciated ... EDIT Don't know what I'm doing wrong but all of a sudden WPI won't let me do anything ... After I input the first program I select the add button and nothing happens. When I try and save I get an error message saying: "could not save ./wpiscripts/config.js" RE-EDIT Problem fixed ... it seems that sumthing had gone wrong with my WPI so I downloaded it and started using a new copy and it's all working again.
  9. WPI 5.4 Official release

    Kel, I am new to your program and was just wondering if u could tell me something. in your initial post above you make note that there is a need to add / or \ marks to the config.js file ... what / or \ marks do u mean ? Maybe u could provide some sort of quick example or sumthing ?? thx muchly ... also .... is there a way in which I can get WPI to insert my serial numbers for my programs that I have paid for so I don't have to do it myself later ?? would this be a registry entry or sumthing ?? thx again ...
  10. Add-On Maker for Nlite 1.2.4 Update: 06/17/2006

    i just started to use NLAOM and am now coming up against some problems myself. first of all it will not make an addon properly for any .msi programs. second, there are several programs which despite following all of the instructions I have been able to find everywhere online for silent installs for the installers that the programs use it still refuses to install silently. I am finding that I have to actually click on butons to make the programs install which obviously defeats the purpose of creating the silent installers in the first place. I have used utilities that tell me what type of installers the programs use and what switches to use use to create them and despite doing this it is not working. The programs I am having trouble with are as follows: alcohol 120% - which nlaom actually already has in its internal database. avira antivirus - RAR SFX installer dreamweaver MX - which nlaom has in its database. Trillian Auto Backup - NSIS installer Total Commander - Inno Installer there are some more but these are .msi installers and I don't know whats going on with them. any ideas anyone. If anyone would like to actually be able to download and look at these addons to see if they can diagnose or fix the problem send me a message and I will provide you with download access. any help would be much appreciated. I am going insane trying to figure this out and I really would like to be able to have my complete XP cd running as soon as possible... thx
  11. after reading the guide for office 2003 i now see where the mistake was made .... in th e guide for offce xp they fail to tell you that the transfers line must be written into the batch file ... i was under the impression that the line had to be changed in the box at the end of the resource kit ....
  12. lol ... some help would be appreciated .... I have several problems and this is really one of the minor ones ... but anyway ...
  13. I just followed the instructions found on msfn.org for the advanced office installation and integration into windows xp cd and at the end where the instructions tell u to change the command line from the directory path to the generic path (setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb-) It won't let me change this in here .... also it says to create a batch file .... where does this batch file get put ??
  14. How to make a 7-Zip Switchless Installer

    I tried to follow the instructions and make a switchless installer for adobe reader 6 and got an error message "cannot find setup.exe" I later tried extracting the files from the adobe installer and got the file called setup.exe but now the install sequence does not complete ... the extraction works but then everything just stops and no installation actually occurs. I have tried with other programs as well but again received the error message "cannot find setup.exe" and was also unable to extract the install files from those programs installers ... any ideas ??