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  1. why would you downgrade your video card? 5700LE is older than 5500. Do you still have the 5500? try using that, if your 5500 works, it means your 5700 is busted...or its your dell. And yes, you should use the regular drivers.
  2. I'm planning to buy an Athlon64 X2 3800+ for a cheap price for about $180 Canadian ever since AMD and Intel both slashed their cpu prices almost half (I see AMD is cutting prices, Intel is more like staying in "expensive mode"). Should I wait till the price drops down even lower or get something better but still wait for it to drop lower?? currently running on AMD Sempron64 3400+ 2.0ghz Socket 939 1.25GB RAM DDR400 BFG Geforce 7300GS 256mb
  3. well, it wasnt really a fair trial for those 2 cpus. Of course teh intel would take the cake because its overclocked 600mhz faster than the OCed fx-62. To AMD, the fx-62 wont be their flagship anymore when they come out with better fx series. Its just the beginning for AMD's new AM2, you might not know what else they would have
  4. i downloaded a copy of Windows Vista X86 Beta2 and nLite, even though it never said being compatible with Vista, but has anyone tried it before???

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