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  1. Hi, You mention 64bits. It has been quite a while I last ran XP64 and cannot say for sure it uses same registry entries. (( but, I doubt the procedure described applies to X64 ))
  2. Hi puntoMX We had some private testers going at the "beta", and now that the official AHCI is released by intel, we put up a driverpack for mass storage including that new driver. I will eventually be able to personally test all BIOS settings in a ICH7, an ICH9 and an ICH9R. XP live tests take time, and I wish I had 46 hours in a day. What I am saying is that driverpack.net have a testpack with the latest, ready for integration, and we are interested about comparatives and (also) on how it does without us hacking into files. (you know that when it works well without a hack, you don't want to break it.) I promised we would not forget you people, and I hope intel made the right choice for you. You see, IF it can be done by F6, it can be done by driverpacks. (I will also soon look at adding USB drives to driverpacks, so that ...) EDIT.. my personal tests so far were on a hi end gigabyte mobo, ICH9R, in a raid5 array. (blot in that HW is a Jmicron duplicate for tertiary controller. mobo has 8 sata rails.). other testplank is an abit with ICH9 (which does not offer AHCI in BIOS mobo has six sata rails.) I am saying I've got some freaks to test. (I have stored 7 issue rich testplanks). Some of these boards should not have been sold to public. I kept these as litmus test.
  3. intel_msm_8.8.0.39 Station driver links always break when you just paste them.. Hi JakeLD. let's make a testpack with those, and get it out soon, eh?
  4. I strongly believe there is no easy permanent fix to the driver issue when the user switches mode between trials. The things I had to do to make a HDD usable again after a fail in ICH5 (yes, old stuff) taught us that the hard drive contains settings left by the previous mode setting. I was not the guy whom discovered this, but I recall a topic about AHCI at DriverPacks.net where we learned that switching from one mode to another after a BSOD did not resolve the BSOD. I will emphasise that the story was about ICH5. I had the hardware to test what got reported and ran tests with results I could reproduce. I concluded that test with an uneasy feeling. I had had to hook up hard drives to a controller and had this controller lowlevel those HDD so as to reset them. (I walked through some testing scenarios and currently still believe a HDD can contain traces in firmware of a mode it had been used in. Mobo BIOS sets a mode for HDD in BIOS, and that apparently leaves traces in the HDD itself. So, part of MY test was that I moved hard drives back and forth between machines and reparitioned for setup tests. I saw a HDD was detectable and I could repartition, but when PnP reboot happened I still had BSOD. ??) After a real low level on a raid controller, I could install. I reproduced the test results. Switch from AHCI to sata or IDE, and BSOD happened. The drive retained settings after repartitioning. (I Lowleveled from a Silicon card with Raid and LL capabilities more than once during these tests.. ) That happened with ICH5, and that makes me think ICH8 and ICH9 could also have "mode switch issues" if a user chooses to switch and then repartitions after switching modi. I wish my current rig had ICH9r. (it has ICH7 and Sil 3132 and Iteraid)
  5. [tool] addons2wpi converter

    Nuno? I think we gonna have a HUGE re-think. M$ has released powerful tools. Oh.. We do not have them [[yet. $$ ]] At driverpacks, a smart guy once posted a 7z what runs after core of XP or server 2003 ran.. Of course, it uses a DLL, but it works. The graphics for dps are reliant on it 7za is a NO, I would callit a moron in 32 bit world. Look at the scripts DPS uses and see the miracle. It can, FAIK, handle RAR.
  6. [tool] addons2wpi converter

    Hi Should you not use backslashes? I know this is a common mistake made by web devs.
  7. the bottom line in that properties/detail screen is the tell tale. You Have AHCI enabled
  8. Hi Captainvideo, if you want to prove it to yoursef, look at detail in the properties screen. The device's HWID will show there, and that line could/should contain CC_0106.
  9. This post can get deleted because it is OT.. the drive is not new.. was it onve used as a part of a dynamic drive? Was it once used with Linux? These are variables that will leave traces in embr/mbr. BIOS and RAID mode settings can be burried deeper than embr. When BIOS and HDD DMI have to sync a mode is set. And some drivers list problem devices in the INF.. Most of them are maxtors. I have probably gone more OT than anybody else in this topic her just saying all that. I wish I could eyeball that thing, but I cannot. I do say that your reply shows you are eyeballing and looking for the explanation. I hope it is not a flaky driver version (like I suspect we have seen in the past.) XP is NOT dead, but driver writers are probably not looking at legacy. I suggest you try NO driver, or a real OLD driver. IDE mode, NO driver.. if that mobo won't support that, you better toss it back as RMA.
  10. have you tried while it was plugged into another sata port? (look at the silkpaint numbers..) I see sata port 5 in them screenies there, and that is way up in the ladder when no others are attached. XP is more forgiving than vista ladder wise, but the drive is way up. 5 is high. (like a tertiary controller in IDE, and they are seldom meant to boot from. In sata, like the quentanary.) edit> hehe i dunno the fifth.. quintessential is NOT it. LOL.
  11. Many add-in IDE controllers cannot boot an IDE optical. Some IDE add-in cards do not have a bootrom at all. My thinking is that setting BIOS to boot from SCSI wont fix booting from an IDE (atapi) optical. (SCSI for the IDE add-on card.. w/i strange, but yes.. It must be because everything was based on SCI and DMI but gets called something different in the different ways that they will make things work. It was a long time since I used True SCSI cards which had six devices on one ribbon.. ) Anyway, you could invest in a sata internal optical. It won't break the bank and could end frustration. You say that ECS does not have the R variant of that ICH9 chip, so you could set your BIOS to Base IDE mode or SATA and not RAID. (In fact, it should not show RAID ?? What does it say there? I did not get the manual for that mobo..) The strange thing with the ICH9 iastor driver is that the HWIDs are almost all tagged with CC_0104 which tells me it expects RAID. (The CC_0106 is for AHCI..) I know it is better that the user figures things out with a little hint here and there, than that a user gets everything on a platter and learns nothing. OTOH, in a good forum like this you should not hesitate to ask questions. I have not been in your situation yet.. But when more mobo sellers follow this trend (no internal IDE ports) then I foresee more posts like this in the forae. (OH, the stop error tells us that the driver sees the hard disk during TXTmode, but once windows plug and play kicks in it expects a different mode for the controller. It's 32 bit driver triggers the BSOD.) I can tell another little tale here.. Switching mode after a hard disk was partitioned in AHCI mode can cause a BSOD. A drive once used and partitioned in a RAID array could fool you too.. A member disk has some info stored in the hard drive which can be removed with a RAID controller capable of lowleveling a hard disk. I figure this is not the case here, but we have good reason t believe that a drive once used in AHCI mode also stores info in the hard disk which is NOT removed when the drive gets re-partitioned in SATA or IDE Base mode. I know I had to lowlevel a few hard drives while we was trying to figure out what the hyll was going on with ICH5... That long ago, but I should mention this none-the-less.
  12. Hi http://users.pandora.be/jtdoom/basetute/Eng_tut6b.htm warning DVDRW recommended. important. mass storage 801 has flaws. I personally promise that 801 will get a revision, and that means release of 802 is within two days.
  13. Hi, when you integrate driverpacks mass storage and driverpacks chipset, the AHCI driver is available for TXTmode, and during windows setup the PnP drivers are also available. But, it istalls the drivers in the mode that BIOS was in at the time of TXTmode detection, so you could still experience a BSOD if you change the mode in BIOS after windows setup completed.. One possible workaround you could try is integrate Mass storage and chipset on a fresh copy of your source CD, use Method 1, and use KTD. This would copy the INF files and system files of all those drivers and let windows know where they are at on hard disk. limitation in method one is that you cannot use all packs, but if you do not select all three graphics (only the one you need), and only sound you need, then you might risk including WLAN (Wlan is path hog). I think M1 with KTD would work better than Method 2 with KTD. However, Method 2 with KTD has no windows path length limit, and one can include as many packs as one wishes. It is worth a try.. Oh, with the current release (DPsBase7052), please ALWAYS turn on QSC (and especcially with method 1).