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  1. Hello, I have the following BIOS version. BIOS Brand Phoenix Technologies, LTD Version 3.04 Date 06/14/2006 Im wondering is there any new updates for it, and would there be much point in doing it.
  2. Ok by the looks of things in MSCONFIG you might have a few virus or spyware loading up on startup. Go here search each entry to make sure they are safe. Any that arnt untick them , and restart. That might solve your problem . Good luck
  3. OK, these are annoying , Goto your Internet Explorer options either via start>control panel > internet options, delete all cookies and delete files, go to settings and go to view files press Ctrl and A to select all then press delete on the keyboard. Next goto start>run type in %temp% press ctrl + a to select everything and press delete , it is safe. Also if you already havent done this with spyblaster , update it with the latest ref files . In my opinion Adware 6.0 is the best there is , search http://www.google.co.uk for it you can download it , update it and scan. Could you do a print screen of your msconfig startup tab so I can have a look at it ?

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