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  1. I have had problems with spyware a few times.. to the point that I had to reinstall windows once .. nothing ever that bad really tho.. It just got to an annoying point. Im pretty sure system updates isnt disabled.. im not sure if its running correctly tho. I'll try out the Antispy thing and see if it works. I really dont want to have to reinstall windows again so soon Thanks for your help
  2. I agree. It just looks too ..bare. almost plain. I like the text style, but as some have pointed out..adding a little depth to it would not kill anyone.
  3. Im the same as you. Im just stuck with version 7. A good friend of mine had version CS2 ... and I really dont see that much of a difference between the two versions. Infact, CS2 just complicated things for me when i tried it out. For a program that only has a few more tools than the old version... it is wwaaay too overpriced for me to even consider. no sir.. im sticking with version 7 until i die. .. or something better comes out ^-^
  4. hmm.. i've tried a few of the programs on the list in the poll. None of them really compare to Photoshop in my eyes. I started out using paint shop pro. Its really not a bad program at all. Those who really learn how to use it can really do beautiful things with it. If you are on a tight budget..then thats what I would recomend. After I tried photoshop however, I dont ever want to go back to using paint shop pro again lol. Instead of going for the new CS version of it you could try searching for older versions such as 7.0 which I have. Or try to buy it from places like Ebay in order to get it for less ^-^
  5. I dont know much about computers, so I really dont have any idea as to what is happening. About three weeks ago, my computer all of a sudden just went black and this screen came up telling me that there had been some kind of error and I had to reinstall the Disks that came along with my computer when i bought it. All of the information I had on my computer was completely erased. And so.. I was left with the old version of everything seeing as how I got this computer about four or five years ago. I've updated it as much as I could so far to get it back to how it used to be.. but when trying to install SP 2.. I only get this screen coming up. I've tried to search for an answer to this.. but I really dont have any idea as to what it is and why its happening. My computer seems so much slower then it was when I did have all of those updates. Some programs that used to work perfectly just freeze now whenever I try to use them. I dont have any firewall on my computer.. or virus program that could be blocking it from installing. It tells me that the updates have been downloaded. They only need to install.. but wont. And it wont tell me why they wont. and yes, the version of XP that I have is genuine These are the updates listed as not installed : Q329048: Security Update Q323255: Security Update (Windows XP) Q329390: Security Update Q329115: Security Update (Windows XP) 329170: Security Update 811630: Critical Update (Windows XP) 810577: Security Update 814078: Security Update (Microsoft Jscript version 5.6, Windows 2000, Windows XP) Q329441: Critical Update Security Update for Windows XP (815021) 817606: Security Update (Windows XP) 823559: Security Update for Microsoft Windows 816093: Security Update Microsoft Virtual Machine (Microsoft VM) Security Update for Windows XP (329834) Security Update for Windows XP (KB828741) Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 6 (KB834707) 810833: Security Update (Windows XP) Security Update for Windows XP (KB835732) Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - July 2006 (KB890830)

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