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  1. So what you guys are saying is bring the computer to the junk yard and get a new system, that sounds good too, but there are drawbacks to that also, I am used to what I am using.. Here are the specs on what I have now: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/documen...mp;lang=en#N522 You know at the time, it was a great machine, still is for me, does what I want it to do anyway.. Think I will just keep what I got till it dies... Thanks for the input...
  2. This has been an on going problem, first the basics: OS: Windows ME Ram: 384MB Browser: Internet Explorer 6 SP1 Version: 6.0.2800.1106 Java: J2SE Runtime Enviroment 5.0 Update 13 Shockwave Version: 10.1.4r21 Flash Player Version: The problem exists when closing certain websites. After closing certain websites and IE6 and return to the desktop, the desktop freezes. After a minute or more, the desktop becomes operable again and returns to normal. During the freeze time, if I click on a desktop icon, the hour glass appears and nothing happens till whatever is closing is done closing, or, whatever log is being written is done being written. This only happens when closing certain websites. I have reinstalled the OS, have reinstalled IE6 from a disk. Switched a long time ago from Microsoft's Java Virtual Machine to Java Runtime Enviroment. Someone told me this is an inherent problem with IE6 and older OS's like Windows 98SE/ME because of memory and resources issues with these older 64 KB resource limits. What you get is "resource drain" which causes problems similar to what I am experiencing. Read here: http://www.aumha.org/win4/a/resource.php The problem is, I am not so sure that is my problem, because the problem exists ONLY on certain websites. Anyone have any input?
  3. I want to get a new monitor, but do not know if my display adapter can only handle a conventional screen or can I get a widescreen monitor. Here are the resolutions it can handle: High to lowest 1280x1024 1280x960 1280x768 1280x720 1152x864 1024x768 800x600 640x480 Video Card is: NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro Since this computer is 2001 vintage, I am thinking it can only handle a conventional size LCD monitor unless I change the display adapter. Thanks for any responses..
  4. No, no answer yet from MSNBC tech support group and honestly I don't think I will get one. They did tell me to reconfigure my WMP which I did, but that was of no help. I can watch the videos from MSNBC with NO problem, it is after I am done watching and "X" out is when mine freezes up. Very frustrating because CNN and FOX news videos play fine.... I have come to the conclusion that the problem is with MSNBC videos and not my computer...
  5. Okay deleted all, Sun Java, MSJVM, and Flash Player 9. Re-installed Sun Java, the latest version now is 1.05.Update 6, the latest version used to be 1.05.Update 7....did a version check at Sun Java, and indeed it told me I had the latest version with Update 6...what happened to Update 7? Went to http://gens.consolemul.com/ and YES! I got the Java Icon to the left of the time. It worked, so far. Could be MSJVM was conflicting with Sun's Java or Flash Player is conflicting with Sun Java, don't know yet, I have to re-install Flash Player 9 and see if the problem reappears..
  6. Okay, went to the Java Control Panel, clicked on Miscellaneous the checked "Place Java icon is system tray"...then went to http://gens.consolemul.com/, STILL NO ICON NEXT TO THE TIME OR IN THE SYSTEM TRAY, SAME THING.. Java IS installed on my machine, the latest version. 1.5.07, but also have MSJVM still installed. You got the ICON and a I didn't. That means my computer thinks Sun Java is NOT installed or can't find it or both. Will un-install both Javas, Sun's and MS3810, and just re-install. I have the Sun Java installation downloaded on my computer, should I get it from a different source or re-download the installation application again? This is like the 3rd time I am doing this because of the recurring problem. Thanks for your help..
  7. "hey bearsowner, try visiting the GENS emulator web site with Sun Java & any web browser: http://gens.consolemul.com/ I went there with Sun Java and the Java system tray icon appeared in the bottom right-hand corner next to the time. that meant that the version of Sun Java I have installed [1.5.0 update 7] worked" First I went to Java on the Control Panel and changed setting to "Show Console"...clicked on the URL about, NO Java Icon in bottom right corner, at least not at this site. I have seen this Icon appear on other sites that run Java... I think I am going to uninstall MSJVM Build3810, it may be conflicting with Sun Java even though it is unchecked in the Advanced Tab under Internet Options... Actually what I am going to do is uninstall both Javas and the re-install Sun's Java only..see what happens, go nothing to lose at this point... still think Flash Player has something to do with the problem.. I just do NOT want to re-install the OS at this point for something so trivial...
  8. BTTT...for HELP! Need some help with this, very frustrating..
  9. Okay found the freezing and crashing is due to IE6 or Windows Explorer waiting to close. It just hangs and won't close the site. I have experienced this on some other websites, but within 20 or 30 seconds the site eventually closes. Anyone know why the lapse of time occurs? Just a side note, I have the latest version of Sun Java running along with Microsofts Java Virtual Machine Build 3810, just wondering if there may be a conflict there.
  10. You can't use 6.4 if you want to watch videos from the sites bearsowner says. WMP9 is compulsory or at least some components of it. You are absolutely correct. MSNBC even tells you that their video player is optimized for WMP 9. The other two sites CNN and Fox also use WMP as their player, but haven't had any problems after closing down. So after making a brilliant deduction, there is something different that MSNBC is doing.
  11. Update: The problem does NOT occur watching news videos at CNN.com or FoxNews.com...the problem ONLY exists at MSNBC.com...does that tell you something? Like the guy who went to the doctor complaining that every time he bangs his head against the wall it hurts...the doctor charged him $100 to tell him to stop banging his head against the wall..
  12. Hi, thanks for the input. Well I have the latest version of Internet Explorer that ME can handle, plus all the updates have been loaded from the Windows update sight. I am using the latest Windows Media Player 9. But now you have me thinking that maybe one of the media players files could be corrupt, unlikely, but possible. You're saying the videos on MSNBC are played using WMP, I had thought Flash Player... Back to the drawing board.. Thanks for at least responding... And no Ctrl+Alt+Del does NOT work, I have been trying that since the beginning...the Close Program menu appears, but nothing happens when you click End Task... It seems like it is waiting and waiting for something, but it never happens...
  13. This has been an ongoing problem...I have a DSL 1 meg connection. After watching a streamng video on MSNBC or on any other site and try to "X" out, a complete freeze, nothing happens. My mouse will move, but clicking on the "X" not does close the window. Clicking on anything else has no effect either even before trying to "X" out. The video plays fine with no problems, but after that I have to manually shut down the computer and then start it again and run through the scandisk process to correct errors it has found. Don't think it is a memory problem, 384 Ram installed, but have virtual memory set at 896 megs min and max.. I have heard this is a common problem with Win ME because it cannot release memory correctly? Anyone can explain that? Have the latest version of Flash Player installed incidently, version 9...also using IE6 as my browser...
  14. Well doing a reinstall of the OS is what I am trying to avoid, but I guess that is my last alternative if I really want to solve the problem. I can live with this and use the Flash Player switch to turn FP on and off, but that is not the intended purpose of the switch. I am presuming what you mean by "reinstall everything" is reinstall WinMe, because if you read my previous posts you will see that I have installed, uninstalled, and then reinstalled all the components I am talking about here. I have all clean versions of Flash Player 9, Java J2SE 5.0 Update 7 (which has no bearing on the problem) and MSJVM (again no bearing on the problem). On another site, someone had told me it could be an ActiveX problem. The modules that want to be installed at the top of the page which are written in Sun's NASApp, cannot load because an ActiveX control is being blocked by Flash Player. If this is true, I need to find someone who is knowledable about ActiveX controls. It might be easier just to reinstall WinME..
  15. Absolutely correct, no problems with the site. The problem exists at my end. The top module on the left does not open or does the schedule to the right. If I disable Flash Player 9, the two modules open. There is a conflict somewhere either in my browser, IE6 SP1, or a registry value that is not letting the modules open with Flash Player enabled. The fact is I many never figure out why this is happening on my computer. I tried fixing IE6 and also did a complete re-install of IE6, but that doesn't mean it still isn't corrupted. I have to make sure it does the same thing when using IE 5.5, I almost sure it does, saying that I then have to believe it's in the registry somewhere.

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