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  1. Hi MDGx, I hadn't realized anyone had posted any kind of solution. I found the answer I was looking for a short while ago searching for it online. I'll play around with the registry keys you mentioned and check out the links you provided. Here is the solution I found that gives me the desired behaviour: Before: REGEDIT4 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\DefaultIcon\shell\explore\ddeexec] @="[ExploreFolder("%l", %I, %S)]" After: REGEDIT4 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\DefaultIcon\shell\explore\ddeexec] @="[ViewFolder("%l", %I, %S)]" Works in Win2K, WinME and WinXP. I have yet to test Win98 or 95 but I'm sure it will work in ANY version of windows.
  2. I wondered if you can bypass the setup routines after a reboot by entering safe mode or not. I'll give your suggestion a try. The way I would do it in 98 is to drop to dos and export the registry before and then after booting normal and try to find the difference. I'm also curious if anyone has ever written a tool similar to diff which is targeted specifically at registry changes/differences. I can include my msbatch.inf once I've finished and possibly by setup.bat I'm writing. I'm also working to integrate critical updates and service packs as well as programs from windows update. My aim being a install that once done shows no updates from windowsupdate and has cleaner default settings. I'm looking to set it all up in the end to be installable via samba or nfs from my linux server from a pxe boot anytime I need to wipe and install clean. I'm looking to use free/gpl tools for much of the server side of stuff and script stuff where I have to. When I'm done I may post everything I had to put together my self to make it work with the other tools I use. I'm aware of the other patches and projects others have written and plan to play around with them once I finish my project. I'm not trying to duplicate effort so much as teach my self where ever I may be duplicating it.
  3. If anyone knows this I would like to know as well as I'm trying to setup a unattended ME setup. It's called Windows Millennium Edition Preview. It's path is %windir%\Application Data\Microsoft\INTRO\CONTENT.HTA. I'm not exactly sure how to determine how to kill it or how it should be done. Does anyone know if it's run in the same way that the Win98 Welcome screen is? Any help on this is greatly appriciated.
  4. This is an old post so I'm not sure your even looking or that it will work but you might try this. Locate the msdos.sys file for the boot drive/disk. Run attrib -s -h -r msdos.sys on it and edit it. Locate that line that says winbootdir= and even windir= and either remove them or what is to the right of the = operator. That may prevent them from being set in the first place. Hope that helps.
  5. I have been trying to find what the registry key is or the location of the settings within the registry that lets me change the behavior of explorer when opened with Win+E. I simply want it to open with one pain for files and with out the file tree pain. I want to know how to do this for WinME, Win98, and Win95 although I imagine it should be the same for all three. Can anyone tell me how to do this? I came across info on how to do this years ago but for the life of me I can't find it now. Thanks in advance to who ever can help.
  6. coniptor

    Close dosbox

    To be clear the cls works *because* it clears the screen buffer. If something else runs after cls which puts any characters in the dosbox screen buffer the window will not close.
  7. coniptor

    Close dosbox

    A solution I read about in another forum here or elsewhere is this: -- Batch file begins below -- @echo off -- body of batch file -- cls exit 0 -- end of batch file -- The exit can be just exit or exit 0 or I suppose you can even have it return a conditional errorlevel. The cls clears the screen buffer and exit causes the command interpreter to exit. What causes the dosbox to close is the cls after all other programs have run. This works regardless of whether or not you have the pif set to close the window on exit.
  8. So I don't know which specifically they would be but does your list include those that (I believe) currently can only up obtained through the Windows Update site and not the Windows Update Catalog or from the corporate downloads page? To be clear if I applied all the ME updates from your site then upon browseing to the Window Update site to your knowledge it would display that I have no updates (unless they have a newer driver than I have of course)? Also this is to include more than the Critical Updates and Service Packs but also the Recommended Updates? Thanks in advance and also for the quick response.
  9. I have a question if anyone can answer it. Of the files/updates that you cannot "directly" download from Microsoft. Is there anything wrong posting how to obtain those files/updates presuming know one else knows? This applies for Win98 and WinME. Not sure about 95 but I imagine it would. Thanks in advance.
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