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  1. OS cannot edit unicode tag correctly

    You might want to try the following. Go to Control Panel, region and Language, Advance, and look for the language for non-Unicode programme and set it to the language you want to display. Hope that helps.
  2. Vista File Associations

    Indeed. While I look into registry, I notice that Vista keep track of almost all the exe files that the user ever runs, including those .exe that does not come with an installer. Nobody knows what Vista has done to all these and what is it for.
  3. Vista File Associations

    Thank you Mr Snrub for all your help. I finally get it done! Horay! In the process of finding the problem with your guidance I notice that I did a mistake earlier by associating .gal with another program MGAPAK.exe which refuse to go away and for some strange reasons disallowed me to re-associate .gal with gallery.exe. So, to test, I made a copy of gallery.exe, named gallery - copy.exe (windows' generated default name) and managed to associated it with .gal. Then I deleted the original gallery.exe and rename the gallery - copy.exe back to gallery.exe and try to associate .gal with it but failed. Very very strange! I therefore dig into registry, get rid of all .gal key. But still no luck. In the process I notice some registry values contain data "gal_auto_file". From this clue I manage to find some gal_auto_file keys and delete them. Only after all these, I am allowed to re-associate the .gal file again. Thanks once again for your help, effort and your concern.
  4. Vista File Associations

    I clicked the Browse button and navigated to my Desktop folder, then double-clicked on the gallery.exe icon - I was returned to the previous "Open with" dialogue now with th additional icon selected (it had the icon and name for "Notepad" as this comes out of the PE header, not the exectuable name). Since Gallery.exe is a win32s program, I am not able to install it through its installer (it runs without installation nevertheless). So, it is not registered in Windows. So, after I "double-clicked on the gallery.exe icon - I was returned to the previous "Open with" dialogue" but without the additional icon! That is why I have to resort to regedit.
  5. Vista File Associations

    When I double click the .gal file, Windows does prompt me to select a program to open it. However, after clicking the browse button and find the Gallery.exe, after selecting it and double clicking it, nothing happened. It just returns me to the previous dialog box, asking me to select a program again. If I remember correctly, the only way to run it, is by dragging the .gal to gallery.exe in explorer. Strange, isn't it?
  6. Vista File Associations

    Thanks for your prompt reply. I will try it later. Since it is a 16bit win32s program, the gallery.exe was able to find the .gal by itself and run without problem in win 98. Now I have to drag and drop the .gal file to the gallery.exe in explorer to run. I remember there was an error message when I let the gallery.exe to find the respective .gal. I will get back to you when I try again later this week. By the way, can't I do an association with registry twist if it does not support command line parameters?
  7. Vista File Associations

    I want to associate .gal (I think is the index file of Corel Mega Gallery) to Gallery.exe, but the default program in Vista just does not allow me to do so. I selected the gallery.exe as the default program but nothing happened after that. So, is there a way to edit the registry (using regedit) to achieve that?
  8. Catalyst® 7.4 Display Driver for Windows Vista

    Catalyst 7.4 has problem with Gigabyte X1050. Screen washed out after sometimes. Unusable with this card.
  9. DirectSound in Vista

    According to Creative, Microsoft removed the DirectSound API in VIsta, and that causes all the troubles in the Audigy series of soundcard. Is there any good guy here who are will to pick up this project, which is like the kernel Update Project for Win98, and add the required API for Vista? That would be a great blessing to all Audigy users.
  10. Maximus-Decim Native USB Drivers

    maximus-decim, I found out that for mass storage setting is 0205, and for PTP setting is 0206 for my Nikon digital camera. Thanks again. hwtan
  11. Maximus-Decim Native USB Drivers

    Thanks Drugwash.
  12. Maximus-Decim Native USB Drivers

    Maximus-decim, Where can I find this info in win98?
  13. Maximus-Decim Native USB Drivers

    Maximus-decim, I replaced the file and rebooted but it still unable to detect my camera. Should I do a right-click install? Will that cause any side effect?
  14. Maximus-Decim Native USB Drivers

    Maximus-decim, Thanks. Will let you know the outcome tomorrow.
  15. Maximus-Decim Native USB Drivers

    Thanks maximus-decim. I will test it later today. Btw, do I just right click the file and install it? or do I just replace the file?