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  1. Dell d630 Audio Problem

    Hi, Im having a sound problem after my laptop crashed one me so I reinstalled XP professional sp2 (only disc i have). I went to dell to download all the drivers but it will not recognize the audio. XP defaults to legacy audio drivers but doesnt work. Dell tells me to download the sigmatel drivers but the laptop doesn't recognize it when it tries to install. I hear beeps but cannot get normal sound out. Im stuck and have no idea what to do. Thanks in advance. Any help or direction is greatly appreciated.
  2. Any input on Weekly 5492

    so what version does everyone else use? I currently test on 5520. So far so good. There are alot of fixes in this version.
  3. Any input on Weekly 5492

    Any new issues, features, or problems with this build?
  4. vista mouse

    they are still there. look in mouse properties in control panel>classic view>mouse
  5. 3d mark 05 tests...

    For the 3dmark 2005, Is it the same program used for xp? What other testing tools can you use with vista to test graphics. Thanks in advance
  6. Vista 5472.5

    I am running onboard graphics on an intel board with 5472.5, whenever i change my display settings it freezes up the the start menu and the task bar but does not freeze the desktop. Any one see this problem?
  7. installing vista on xp lap <256 MB RAM

    have to agree on that! its runs kinda sluggish on my 2gb machine.. x2, I have 2gb as well and its still runs slow from what im used to
  8. Any new issues with 5475?

    We are on 5472.5 Now.. Just started today so I will keep you guys updated. B)
  9. Any new issues with 5475?

    Like the title says, Just wondering if anyone found any new issues on this release?