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  1. Is there a way to search (Windows Explorer) for file names containing spaces so that name is treated as one?

    For example if I want to search for 'my file', I would get all files containing 'my' and

    all files containing 'file', but I just want the result 'my file'.

    Is there a way to that, like enclosing the term with marks (' and " don't work)?

  2. I still don't manage it to get IE6, DX90c or the new Windows Update Service integrated.

    When the Hfslip process is nearly complete, it asks me if I want to overwrite the Svcpack folder. I choose yes. What consequences does that have?

    I don't install Windows on the C Drive. Any other user here doing the same?

    Could a German user please post his error_report.txt here (Hotfixes, etc)?


  3. I have problems with integrating IE6 and DX9. I have checked the some file versions of IE6 (iexplore.exe, browseui.dll) which shows version 6, while browser.dll shows version 5. When I start IE it shows version 5.

    DirectX shows only version 7.

    I used HFSLIP_50827.cmd and I have german Version of W2K Pro with SP4.

  4. 1.) How can I test if IE6 and DirectX 9.0c are correctly slipstreamed without installing W2k?

    2.)When new hotfixes are released, can I just use my now up-to-date version and slipstream only the new hotfix?

  5. @eidenk

    I don't have any additional software installed. Pretty much I did a standard installation of K-Lite Mega Codec Pack (DivX 5, XViD, ...)


    Version 2.52 is for K-Lite Codec Pack Standard and not for K-Lite Mega Codec Pack

    I'll try ffdshow, let's see if it works.

  6. Here is my prodspec.ini:

    [SMS Inventory Identification]

    [Product Specification]
    Product=Windows 2000 Professional


    Name of a hotfix:


    I have SP4 slipstreamed.

  7. Whenever I play a video file on my Windows 98SE, I have very slow playback, almost frame by frame.

    On the same machine I also have W2k installed where the video playback is normal. Both OS have DirectX 9.0c, same graphic card driver and codecs installed. There are no unnecessary processes in the background. I use Media Player Classic to play videos.

    Has anyone a solution for this?

  8. I have a German version of W2K and can't get IE6 SP1 nor DX90c integrated (german, too). I even re-downloaded IE from Microsoft and followed the instructions, but no luck. Can anybody help me?

    Is there a way to see what version of IE is integrated in the source without installing W2K?

  9. I get an error during the slipstreaming process:

    Microsoft Data Access Components KB870699
    Command line option syntax error

    I have to click OK to continue. I have the newest MDAC 2.8 SP1 german, but no file called KB870699 nor is it listed as necessary hotfix.

    German versions of MDAC uses dasetup instead of dahotfix. Maybe that's the problem.

  10. The settings were not meant to copy blindly, but meant to be examples.

    These settings are specific to my machine with 512 MB RAM and Windows 98SE + W2K installed.

    Anyway here comes the explanation:


    Specifies the drive and name for the swap file. If you have a faster drive than your OS is installed you can tell Windows to use another partition. Changing the name makes only sense if you use another NT-OS (NT, W2K, XP) because they use this name and location by default. So you can save space by only having one swap file.


    This sets the minimum and maximum of the swap file. You don't have to use them both.

    If you use the same size of minimum and maximum Windows doesn't have to calculate each time the size of the swap file.

    Disadvantage: If you need more than that you can get errors (insufficient swap file size).


    Specifies the refresh rate in mili seconds for a Dos-Box (not fullscreen). If you have a real slow computer you should use other values or skip it.


    Other programs than Windows can use Upper Memory Blocks (UMB). Can crash Dos-Box


    The space between VGA and MonoText in my previous post was wrong, just remove it.

    If you never use the VGA adapter's monochrome mode, you can free up an extra memory block.


    I don't know what it does, but it should free up 2KB.


    By default Windows 98 loads some programs in the swap file and not all in RAM. Windows 95 however loads all programs in RAM until it's full. So use this setting only if you have much RAM and a fast hard drive.


    Sets the maximum amount of RAM that can be used by Windows. By default (without special service packs / patches) Windows cannot deal with more than 512 RAM.

    To calculate the setting for your machine use this formula:

    RAM (in MB) * 1024 * 0.7 (round up to whole numbers)

    up to 128 MB no limitation necessary

    up to 256 MB 174080

    up to 384 MB 261120

    up to 512 MB 348160

    > 512 MB 524288


    Block size of VCache, Depending on your RAM other values may apply.

  11. Monitor Inf

    There are 2 programs (however in german, but it should be understandable), which can make a custom monitor.inf for your monitor:

    - flimmer.exe


    If you know the technical data of your monitor (manual), then you'll don't need that.

    This program gives you the following details for your monitor: frequency (horizontal & vertical) and various other info.

    - Monitor.Inf Maker

    use google

    Makes a custom inf-file for your monitor from the technical data you provide.

    You can then add your custom inf-file via infinst to your unattended installation.

    Delete the MSN icon from the desktop automatically.
    Add this to your msbatch.inf:

    HKLM,%KEY_RUNONCE%,BatchRun1,,"%25%\rundll.exe setupx.dll,InstallHinfSection Delete.MSN.Icon 4 %17%\msbatch.inf"

    I'd also like to automatically set the vcache parameter in Win.ini

    I guess you mean system.ini. Add this to your msbatch.inf:

    %10%\system.ini, 386Enh, , "32BitDiskAccess=on"
    %10%\system.ini, 386Enh, , "32BitFileAccess=on"
    %10%\system.ini, 386Enh, , "PagingDrive=C:"
    %10%\system.ini, 386Enh, , "PagingFile=C:\PAGEFILE.SYS"
    %10%\system.ini, 386Enh, , "MinPagingFileSize=200704"
    %10%\system.ini, 386Enh, , "MaxPagingFileSize=200704"
    %10%\system.ini, 386Enh, , "WindowUpdateTime=1"
    %10%\system.ini, 386Enh, , "LocalLoadHigh=1"
    %10%\system.ini, 386Enh, , "VGA MonoText=Off"
    %10%\system.ini, 386Enh, , "Text=Off"
    %10%\system.ini, 386Enh, , "ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1"
    %10%\system.ini, vcache, , "MaxFileCache=32768"
    %10%\system.ini, vcache, , "ChunkSize=2048"


    You can also modify other files. You must replace the names and number:

    %10 = files in your windows dir (system.ini, win.ini...)

    %30 = files in C:\ (msdos.sys, autoexec.bat, config.sys)

  12. If you mean the logo on the bottom left of the computer information, that's just a bitmap picture located under


    You can replace it with any picture you like as long as it is a bitmap file and you have to consider the dimensions. If you choose a too large picture, then it will be cut off.

  13. though one extra keypress aín't so bad actually

    It is annoying. Especially if you delete folders like Temporary Internet Files or other folders that have hidden / system files.

    I know the trick with the shift button, but that doesn't solve my issue.

    I just thought I could replace some files to get the Windows 2000 / XP functionality, but it seems there isn't any way, sad.

    But again thanks for your help

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