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  1. I took some things, but when I try to rtlite underlying themes, as shown in the picture I wonder where is the error I do not see I'm sorry English is bad
  2. Please Turkish languages Change to your desired language - "New Toolbar" Only! eng Change to your desired language - "Yeni araç çubuğu" Only! turkish
  3. Turkish for windows but I did not pull to the left to check correct sory speak english bad
  4. Hi, Do you know how can i set win7 Enable Quick Launch for Turkish Win7. Thank You Best Regards
  5. This is my Autıunattend.xml file which i used.I give computer name but it change this name to another.I dont know where is my mistake and can you help me how can ı fix that problem Autounattend.xml
  6. I tried to use "FireGeier's Unattended Vista Guided" site but couldn't manage it. Can anyone help me about, how to make or force "vlite's autounattended.xml" to accept my Regtweaks.reg in "sourses\install" folder.? Sorry about my bad English. Enclosed are "my Regtweaks.reg" and "my vlite - unattended.xml" Please feel free if you want to make any change in my files myfiles.rar

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