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  1. great, thanks for you answers.
  2. ah that's cool.. ok so how do you install them in certain order with nlite? do you just put them in the order you want them to install in?
  3. gorila: but that means i can install like those hacks on the RVM site before i install the programs that it hacks. that doesnt seem to make sense, unless there's a weird way that the installation handles updates?
  4. I dont know if this has been asked before but here goes.. Does it matter what order it is when you put the addons into nlite program? For somethings like framework and its hotfixes, you would think you'd need to install framework first, then the hotfix. So would you just put them in order of which you want them to instsall in the hotfix and update section?
  5. thanks for the info rick, apparently the same command works for the task switcher, it did pop up a window with all the useable switches i just didnt know it has to be excatly like that. with the task switcher i was able to find the popup window with the list of switches by using a shortcut and putting /qn in the target. this does not seem to work with other powertoy like TweakUi. How do people usually find the list of switches for any installer?
  6. mm i made it work when i move the .exe file i want to cab into it's own folder. ricktendo64: i'm trying to make a cab file for tweakUi powertoy and the switch is /qb, as suggested in the list in the nlite installer. but when i extract the silent installer from the cab file it it runs like a normal non-silent install. when you have made a cab correctly, does the silent installer just runs and then exits by itself?
  7. no i dont minimize it, i leave it in focus. the program hangs everytime.
  8. Man i want to use this program... for some reason when it's compressing the program hangs. everytime, nomatter which compression i do. also with things like those powertoy programs(ie. tabswitch), do you use the windows XP support tools (/qn) for all power toys for unintended installation?
  9. thank you all for the reply what about the hotfixes for 1.0 and 1.1? i cant find the .cab files for them
  10. Currently my computer has: framework 1.0 hotfix framework 1.0 sp3 framework 1.1 hotfix framework 1.1 sp1 framework 2.0 i've asked around (chatrooms and whatnot) that i need all of them, but this site implies that i only need the 1.1 and 2.0 that the nLite/addon site provides. So i'm kinda confuse at what i need in the windows installer i'm making.

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