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  1. This isn't a very good option considering it does it on almost all of our machines, though some show the symptoms a little slower than others. Though we could reformat, I'd rather find a fix for it before I go through the labor intensive reformatting on over 10 machines.
  2. We've tried this many times, spyware checks found nothing, same with the antivirus. I even went through symantics virus records to look for these symptoms but wasn't able to find any virus's that would cause this.
  3. This happened on a couple of workstations in our office and I'm not too sure hwo to fix it, other than reformatting. Shortly after I installed Microsoft Office SP1a and SP3 (sp2 is included with sp3), programs will fail to start after a certain amount of time. Sometimes it happens after about an hour or so of the computer being turned on, and gradually starts to happen more and more frequently, such as about 5 minutes after the computer is initially turned on. All programs fail to start, even things such as the task manager will not start. You also cannot shut down. You can however still work programs perfectly fine that are allready opened. I've tried uninstalling the service packs and even Microsoft Office all together, but the problem persists. Does anyone know what's going on here, or possibly a fix? I've tried searching microsofts website but am unable to find anything useful.
  4. Could you please provide a link to your wallpaper? Thanks.
  5. Thanks, Not too sure what you mean about WinT's Modifications though. Neat, Too busy for my tastes though, I put this all together myself.
  6. Thanks, Not too sure what you mean about WinT's Modifications though.
  7. Full size: http://kyager.com/images//desktop.jpg /wave I like it simple. Icons: Orbital Icon Suite Top left icon bar: Rocket Dock Visual Style: areao4 by Four Impressions Wallpapers: Self modified Orbital wallpaper Explorer: Yz toolbar with Orbital theme
  8. How do you go about displaying icons on the desktop in a list view? I know of a program called UpTimer4 that enables you to do this, but I'm looking for a way to do it without the needs of this program, such as a registry setting or such.
  9. Greetings, I'm the Senior IS Technician for a small engineering firm called Florida Design Consultants located in New Port Richey, FL. Just browsing around trying to find some info and stumbled across this site. /me waves.

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