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  1. +1. However, depending on the content of the reg file you're importing into the registry, the behavior from running during GUIRunOnce vs. you doing so interactively may be a rights issue to the registry location you're attempting to modify. The GUIRunOnce location may be using a system account to import the registry and thus not able to update your user Hive. When you double-click on it, however, it does.
  2. The text mode portion relies only on the driver files contained in the i386 directory...nothing else. I've seen one OEM require a modification to the INF file in order to get the driver to load correctly in RIS during the text mode, but I'm not certain if Intel does. Just make sure whatever network drivers (inf and sys files only required) are located in the i386 directory on your RIS image also loads OS present. Make sure you restart your RIS service after placing the appropriate driver. If a .PNF file isn't created with a comparable name to the INF file you included, then you haven't restarted your RIS service (BINLSVC) yet.

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