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  1. hi! i've got a problem with my registry tweaks compilation. in my winnt.sif, there's this line: [GuiRunOnce] "A:\RegistryModifier.reg" so, as i logon the first time, windows starts this one and asks me if i want to add this to the registry. i click yes, logoff, even restart, but most of the settings they should change, remain. only as i manually double click that tweak and then relog or restart, all the information is added. is this a know behavior for windows, and how could I change this? or even better, apply those changes during the installation? mainly, these are changes to the energy options, disabling screen saver, changing window looks and folder options. thank you in advance
  2. hi everyone quick edit: Windows XP professional with slipstreamed SP2. I've got some problems with creating an unattended windows installation. first, with message queuing. i want windows to include the mq installation in the basic windows setup. this works great for my snmp, where i just need the simple one without the WMI. now, i want to install message queuing the same way, but i only need the pure common one without the other options. someone suggested me to use msmq_common="on" in the winnt.sif but this didn't work. does anyone have an idea? secondly, that awful welcome screen. yes, i've set oemskipwelcome to 1 and it appears after installation, also setting it to 0. this makes me insane. third problem, that kind of "setup screen" after windows installation, where it asks for internet connectivity and forces you to create a user. can i turn this one off somehow and just get the log-on screen where i have to hit str+alt+del, so i can logon directly as administrator? next problem, registry. i've compiled together a *.reg file with all the tweaks i need for my workstation. i use it with GuiRunOnce. it also contains a lot of changes to the visual effects of windows. after i logon for the first time, windows ask me it it should add that to the registry. i hit ok, but all that visual effects didnt change. i logoff or restart, same. but right after i hit the *.reg file manually wih a double click, add the information, and then relogg, it works like a miracle. i would appreciate any kind of help to any of these questions, as they really drive me crazy and i search the internet for hours now. thank you in advance.

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