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  1. [Release] Adobe Reader 9.0 Lite

    As far as I'm aware of, 7zsd is work by Oleg Scherbakov and the only problem is that he's updating Russian version of his homepage 7zsfx.infoonly, the English version contains old informations. If you look at Russian pages, you'll find updated info. If you aren't familiar with Russian, here's link to download page. The stable version is 1.2.2 (based on 7-zip 4.57) from 26.7.2008, beta version 1.3 (based on 7-zip 4.58) is from 28.7.2008. Simplified changelog: from v1.2 RC1 715 to 1.2.2 code updated to 4.57 added information about used methods and filter in -sfxversion Flag 4096 affects not only name of windows but picture in BeginPrompt dialog and BeginPrompt + ExtractPath too. Fixed possible cursor lost when some app lost its focus. icon change increased number of possible AutoInstallX entries to 62 fixed internal errors variables set by user weren't reflected in parameters for creating of folders 1.2.2 to 1.3 beta code updated to 4.58 added info about used source codes in -sfxversion add Flag 8 OverWriteMode for files blocked by system module variable %%M - SFX Archive name without path Sorry for incorrect translation - neither language is my native :-(
  2. HFSLIP64 v1.1.5 released

    I have the same problem, HFSLIP64 1.1.3 also failed to integrate WMP Hotfix WindowsMedia11-KB954154-x64-ENU.exe and new version of Malicious Software Removal Tool windows-kb890830-x64-v2.1.exe. It's on Windows xp64 SP2 english version Here's my log file HFSLIP_LOG.TXT
  3. KB936357 got updated on October 22th KB936357-V2
  4. New Windows Script version

    I checked the XP files with fc - binary comparison showed no difference, so they probably changed date only I didn't check W2k version though, as I don't have the pre 08-24 version so I can't compare ...
  5. HFSLIP - Test releases

    It doesn't matter for Windows - it's for UNIX purposes only. excerpt from Wikipedia
  6. HFSLIP - Test releases

    No, it didn't work for me. Well, for me it's a minor issue as I don't plan to install IE7 in near/distant future
  7. HFSLIP - Test releases

    Yes, downloading V2 of KB911565 solved the problem - there simply WAS newer version of this fix Thanks Tomcat76 for your work P.S.: Do you know why KB904942 doesn't get slipstreamed?
  8. HFSLIP - Test releases

    You're right - I was too lazy to read thoroughly the whole thing - I thought they're releasing fix and not only bumping this fix to notify users about possible complications after installation of this fix.
  9. HFSLIP - Test releases

    Yes, they fixed seeking issue KB912226, so new version number - though I don't know if it helps with HFSLIP issue I'll try it (HFSLIP with new 911565 is running right now ) but I haven't found a change in 904942, at least in german version. Narag
  10. HFSLIP - Test releases

    I have also problems with KB911565, I have german Windows XP SP2, it integrates without problems, kb911565.cat is in the folder and wmp.dl_ has version. Still WU shows KB911565 and KB904942 as not installed. I attach HFSLIP.LOG and also WU_MS.TXT (result of HFNETCHK -V -MS) and WU_SHAVLIK.TXT (result of HFNETCHK - V), because they give different results Hope this helps logs.zip
  11. 3rd party 32-bit DriverPacks

    Funny, you apparently have it right in your post, but there's a typo in the main (first) article by gilesw
  12. 3rd party 32-bit DriverPacks

    Thanks for this pack - only the links is broken - there's '1.' in version number missing. Just to let you know
  13. I solved this rebooting loop by booting once into safe mode - Windows redetected the hardware and installed it proper way. Hope it helps
  14. This has worked for me, thanks mykz!