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  1. Rel - Vista Resources

    Looks awesome! But how do you "install them" and integrate them into a UT install?
  2. What exactly is this list? Is this a regedit to turn off all the useless services so less ram is used? How can i use it exactly? Thx
  3. Fully tweaked Nlite 1.3RC XP

    I am, i have a NF4 chipset and have had the BSOD and rebooting after the nlite install. My previous "experiment" has worked on other pc's no probs but not on my NF4 chipset. I use SATA but only have 1 hard drive so no raid. I am trying the newest nlite and the latest nvidia chipset drivers (sataraid as txt and sataide as pnp) so i hope that issue is sorted. Anyone know if the new version has fixed that annoying service pack 2 message that comes up saying keep or delete the files?
  4. I am wanting to make or download a "Last session" of a tweaked Nlite 1.3RC XP that has all the crap taken out of it & tweaked. Not so tweaked that it has all of the services turned off and everything removed so you can connect to a LAN but all the non-important stuff so it will take up less ram and resources so it can run faster. Has anyone done this with the latest version of nlite ? Thanks
  5. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Fernando1, thanks. just tried it using single driver and selecting sata_ide "nvata" and still the same thing happened.. it was pnp not textmode aswell(not that u get a option to change it) i downloaded the same file from ur link aswell. ahhh
  6. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    what about those with just one drive but still have the same restarting problems? do i just use the same method if i dont have raid?
  7. Oh sorry, i saw that but as it said RAID i didnt think i wanted that! will give it a go yeah i didnt think so Attention: The following guide is only useful for users with an nForce Raid array! so what now? should i still try it i only have 1 hard drive.
  8. no i didnt, i dont think so anyway. i added RVMUpdatePack2.0.7a and then went through the nlite program and finished it without creating a iso. i then ran the DPs_BASE program by sneaky, and used chipset, sound, massstorage and lan driver packs and thats it. then i opened nlite and loaded last session and checked make iso and burnt it. Same thing happened, jsut restarts. also this time it also coudlnt fine MSVCRT40.dll and msnssppc.dll and 2 others. has someone got a nice cut down version of which i can use thier last session .ini? plus help this restart problem. Kamil, do u think its the nvidia ide drivers in the chipset driver pack?
  9. Hi, i created a nlite cd ages ago but could never get it to work on my nf4 dfi ultra d motherboard. it works fine on all the other computers but on mine as soon as its finished installin it will not get into windows... it will just restart ans ideas? Thanks for those who made nlite as it is a great app. i just downloaded a new version (final) and started from scratch again. but is there anything i should be doing to get it to work on my sata hard drive? im not running raid...