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I had clicked on a link to Mindows Project and after moving through the pages of posts I wished to return to the first message of the thread. Clicked on the #1 for the first page and "Windows XP Gamer's Edition" came up with Mindows Project in the DARK BLUE bar with "Options" to the rite. The link in the addy bar is:


First message was posted by Aegis May 31 2005, 09:12 PM link:


They do not seem to match, not in my book. Mindows is supposed to be for Win9x and not for XP.

Edited by NativeTexan > Oh, I 'C', after going back through most of what I had done the discovery is where I clicked was a link to "Similar Topics" which is printed in BLACK on a very Dark BLUE bar and I did not see those words.

MY ERROR, helped a little by the 'similar' colors, BAG !

Sorry for my Mistake,

Edited again by NativeTexan > "Xper,"

Excuse me, I was doing the above edit or just missed your post below mine, you are just toooo quick for an OLD Texan. NO, leave it alone it is just fine that way, maybe change the TEXT color from Black to Yellow to show it is a similar topic not a continuation of the same.

Thank you for reading my posty Toast,

Edited by NativeTexan
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