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Can one edit this file? Seems to me that this is where one of my problems lie. On unattended install this file runs on the target machine and bombs as I have removed the runonce items in the unattended install.

Also I noticed if I delete nlite.cm_ (by mistake) the program does not regenerate it. Is this normal. How does one regenerate it if possible?

Thanks in advance.

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I'm not an expert, but I have used nLite quite a bit lately. I've observed that the only time nLite.cm_ gets created is when you have entries in the RunOnce list. If as you say, you've removed those entries, then nLite won't create an nLite.cm_ file, so having deleted it shouldn't be a problem. HOWEVER...

That file is called from winnt.sif (see the GuiRunOnce section at the bottom of the file). If there were entries in the RunOnce list when you created your compilation, nLite would have added a line to winnt.sif to call nLite.cm_. If you then deleted those entries from the RunOnce list and deleted nLite.cm_ but didn't rebuild the compilation, there will still be the call in winnt.sif. During installation, Windows setup will try to run the missing nLite.cm_ and fail. In that case, just remove the call from the bottom of winnt.sif (which may be the only line under the GuiRunOnce section in winnt.sif) then recreate the ISO.

nLite.cm_ is a compressed archive version of nLite.cmd. It automatically gets decompressed during installation. You can see its contents by opening the archive with 7-zip or the like. To edit it, you'd need to extract it to nLite.cmd, edit it, then optionally recompress it using something like makecab to get back to nLite.cm_. The file doesn't have to be compressed, though. You could edit or create your own nLite.cmd file, then edit or add the call to nLite.cmd (not nLite.cm_) in winnt.sif.

Like I said, I'm no expert and what worked for me may not work for you. This is just to give you something to consider while waiting for a better response.

Good luck.


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If you delete it then no problem. Just open winnt.sif and delete the line



then save it and install xp. If any command placed in cmd then it will not work

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