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How to change the default wall paper


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1) Change your wallpaper to what you want.

2) Save the theme as mytheme.theme.

3) Then in your winnt.sif, specify this file as your custom theme. It includes your wallpaper info.

Make sure you wallpaper is also included so it will know where to find it. I would keep it in the same folder as your theme.

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let me process next clealy

after saving theme file ....!

include your custom visual style using OEM preinstall in Windows XP installtion source.

Copy your theme into $OEM$\Resources\Themes\ ,

wallpaper into $OEM$\Web\Wallpapers\

and set OEMPresinstall=Yes into your WINNT.SIF

Now you have to add these two lines to apply custom theme at instllation of Windows

CustomDefaultThemeFile = "%WinDir%\Resources\Themes\MyTheme.theme"

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