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textsetup.sif invalid line error


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setup was aborted early on due to a line a error in textsetup.sif (line 9939)

The line in question is

lg_monitor_driver_crt&flatron[1].zip = 2000,,,,,,,2000,0,0

to give some context, this is where it appears:


2gmgsmt.sf2 = 1,,,,,,,,3,3

3cwmcru.sys = 1,,,,,,,,3,3

[200 lines later]

lg995e.icm = 2000,,,,,,,2000,0,0

lg995e.icm = 2001,,,,,,,2001,0,0

lg_monitor_driver_crt&flatron[1].zip = 2000,,,,,,,2000,0,0

lgmnt.cat = 2000,,,,,,,2000,0,0

lgmnt.inf = 2000,,,,,,,2000,0,0

I was integrating hotfixes and drivers into a Window XP Pro SP2 VLK, I'm going to try again, but this time I'll leave the particular driver out. I used to include it in my Win2000Pro VLK installation, but perhaps WinXP doesn't need it? Either way... what's causing the line error? is it a syntax issue or the driver?

thank you, as always any insight would be appreciated. :)

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I don't see lg_monitor_driver_crt&flatron[1].zip file in that package.

Basically just next time remove that zip, you probably left it in by accident after decompressing.

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