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I have my customized PE2.0 boot cd.

On a server, I have VMWARE 1.0.2 Server installed.

I create a new VM, it boots to my PE2.0 CD no problem, but does not get network support.

I have fussed with all network settings in VMWARE, but I can't get my PE2.0 CD to boot and

have network access.

Is this a PE issue where I need to install a driver for VMWARE onto my CD?

Or a VMWARE issue not supporting PE2.0.

Any solutions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

FYI, if I can boot to my PE CD, map to share on network, I will load my custom 2003 build into

a VM session.


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It can also be corrected within VMWare.

I ran across this on MyITForums. It's specific to the BDD2007, but it's still WinPE2.0.

Here is the link:

MyITForum - BDD2007 and VMWare Server

Modified: 2007/02/27 03:16 by - Uncategorized

» Microsoft Operating System Deployment » BDD 2007 - VMWARE Notes

[X] » Microsoft Operating System Deployment » BDD 2007 - VMWARE Notes

I had some problems booting up to my LAB iso using VMWARE Server. The solution turned out to be editing the vmx file (vmware configuration file) to make it use an Intel nic. apparently PE does not recognize the vmware default nic.

Perhaps later I will figure out how to add vmware drivers to PE, but for now this worked.

Update - Eventually I had to add two NICS to my Virtual Machine. One of them an Intel as it says below, the other one Default AMD type.

Open the .vmx file for your virtual machine

Delete all references to network devices i.e ethernet

Paste the following into your vmx file and save

ethernet0.present= "true"
ethernet0.startConnected = "true"
ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000"
ethernet0.connectionType = "bridged"

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I will put something together, but to be honest, the help file for PE you get after installing BDD2007 is really accurate. I created very basic scripts to execute each command.

To add drivers you just isue peimg /inf= and add in whatever you need.

Too easy after following the doc.

If you have any specific questions in the meantime fire away...

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