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BCDW 2.0a1: Where to get bcdwboot.bin

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loader.bin is the boot file it is in the bcdw folder.

Loader.bin will look for bcdw.bin in the bcdw folder and then process your bcdw.ini configuration.

Root (loader.bin set as boot file)




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Actually, I also had thought that loader.bin included in the BCDW2.0.a1 release (bcdw-2.0a1.zip) was the bootsector, but it wouldn't boot. :angry:

What I did was using the bcdwboot.bin bootsector included in the old release (bcdw150z_cs_en.zip) that can still be found here.


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You may need to change the settings a little bit w/ some burning programs....

ex: If you use Nero, you obviously need to select loader.bin as the image to use.

Additionally, in the advanced settings area you must use -

  • No emulation
  • # of loaded sectors: 4
  • Load segment: 07C0 (Actually you can use 0000 but the older 07C0 is the more known entry due to all the bootable guides.

Don't forget to tell Nero not to add ;1

Keep in mind that some bootable programs may have other requirement (ex. lower case, Joliet (+extended), RockRidge, etc)

Because I always test my distro's in VMware before burning....I always build the ISO first and then burn the image.

Programs like CDImage and UltraISO use the "El Torito' style by default so just selecting loader.bin is all you need to do. (I personally use mkisofs to build my ISO's)

If the both of you are still having issues you can look at Brinkmann website. He has a BCDW info section with a quick How-To.

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