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devcon for XP 64 bit to disable nic

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To my knowledge there has not been a version of Devcon.exe that works on any Windows 64 bit version (XP, 2003, or Vista).

How do you get around this?

Do you do everything manually?

I have a script that changes Nic settings but it requires devcon to disable and reenable the nic for everything to work right. With Vista there is a wmi command to enable and disable the nic.

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devcon.exe is in the Support Tools on the XP x64 (and 2003 x64) media - I have just installed it on my 2003 x64 Server and verified it is a native 64-bit applicatoin (not tested disabling the NIC, just got a /status * output)

What is the reason for wanting to disable the NIC, maybe there is an alternative supported in WMI on the legacy Windows platform? (Such as configuring the IP settings to static values and no DNS or gateway defined)

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