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Bug: no language selection


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Yeah, i appear to have vista installation disc which lets me select language for vista. After modifying it with vLite 1.0b it just installs the english version of vista. I prefer finnish..:P As far as I remember, vLite 0.95b worked properly with this. Did I remove something important which removes the language selection?!

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As far as I have seen there is only one pack.

In English there was just English, Chinese has only Chinese.

Now, yours might be different.

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This time i didn't use unattended option. But vista installation gives me an error (something like 'cannot install selected language'). I recall error message appeared on 'installing features' state...

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I found out that the error i mentioned jumps to the screen if I have selected something from Services-category (don't know which of them). I've selected

Windows Remote Management

Windows Search

Volume Shadow Copy

Solution: Error was caused by the removal of 'Windows Search'.

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