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BSOD STOP x6B on Dell's


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Have been using nLite for quite a while. Latest runs with nLite v1.2, v1.3 for building a Dell image, I have gotten nothing but STOP 6B errors.

I have removed adding the Dell-specific drivers and WFC option back to default. Still no go.

I have now even gone back and done a manual WINNT.SIF style install (no nLite) and still get the BSOD.

However using the original XP CD as well as a WinUBCD (BartPE) off a USB thumb works fine.


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With any of the mid-to-high end Dell systems that have a RAID controller built in (like the 9200 series) you can get a BSD if you leave the BIOS settings for the RAID "On" instead of Auto-Detect or non-RAID when doing an XP install. Take a peek in the SATA section of the BIOS.

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No RAID, just plain laptop. I recopied the core i386 files from scratch, maybe my source files got hosed. Seems to work now at least in VPC environment - will now try on actual system.

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