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Help - Still Getting Dr. Dos


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Hi All,

I just don't get it. I've taken out all the drivers other than jmicron (Raid/ASCI) and Nvidia. I *am* getting a bootable CD. But instead of an installation I get to a DOS screen with Dr. Dos asking me to enter into A:\

All I want is a bloody re-install on a computer that doesn't *have* a floppy disk anymore!

Anyone else had this problem with Dr. Dos? Or a bootable CD that doesn't result in an installation?

Please help if you can.



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First question, can you BOOT from CDROM?

Why is it booting A: ?

Change your BIOS settings to boot from CDROM.

I'm not sure what you want to accomplish but let me give you some tips here.

Although I followed stricted instructions in burning Nlite bootable DVD's with whatever application you may find out there, I never got a bootable DVD of XP, for example.


Get this here and extract with WinRAR (only WinRAR does it), it should be a .IMA image.

Now burn a bootable CD or DVD that includes:

1) XCOPY32.EXE and XCOPY32.MOD from whatever WinME/98 installation disk.

2) SMARTDRV.EXE from whatever WinME/98 installation disk.

3) The infamous I386 directory for your NT 5.x installation (2000=5.0, XP=5.1, Server 2003=5.2)

Make sure you use Nero for burning and it's bootable with that WinME bootdisk image.

In parallel, You must create a FAT32 partition with Partition Magic or DOS fdisk. Format it, as FAT32.

Insert your brand new bootable CD and choose boot with CD-ROM support.


Copy the entire contents of I386 folder to C:\I386 using XCOPY32 using XCOPY32 *.* C:\I386 /E /H

Reboot the system and this time chose MINIMAL BOOT.

Run SMARTDRV (Needed!)

Enter C:\ and enter I386 directory.


When you are asked to convert FAT32 to NTFS, do so, it will give 4k clusters if your FAT32 clusters are larger.

You will setup windows in less than 15 minutes. It's hell fast. And will be almost the exact effect as doing a CD install, the only difference is that your source installation will be hosted on the partition.

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