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(?) Adding Keyboards Layouts


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How can I add keyboard layout to setup installation? I have a .inf and .dll files (the .inf installs the .dll file I think). What methods I can use to add it to my installation?

Bonus questions: How to replace the standart shell32.dll to "upgrade" my icons to Vista look (just icons, not sounds). Also is it possible to change the wellcome screen and the default user wallpaper?

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Now, this is an interesting question - "phonetic" really caught my attention, because I use one myself :) I don't know what exactly you're using, so I'll describe a general method I use, and hopefully you'll figure it out form there.

I do not replace any system file. I just use an alternative dll and change the registry parameter to point to this dll. Specifically, I use KBD1251Y.DLL as an alternative (phonetic) Russian layout. Note, that standard layout is KBD1251.DLL. All you need to do is:

1. Copy the DLL file to %systemroot%\system32

2. Import the required registry settings.

The registry tweak is


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layouts000419]
"Layout Text"="Russian";the layout name
"Layout File"="KBD1251Y.DLL";the alternative layout file

Where 000419 is the language code you want to switch to phonetic layout.

$OEM$ folders can be used for copying the DLL, and the tweak can be combined with other tweaks. Alternatively (and this is what I do), make a little SFX archive and launch it with any method you know.

Good luck!

As for the other questions, it makes sense to work "one question per thread" instead of answering all your questions in one topic.

P.S. I don't see a backslash between Keyboard Layouts and 000419 in the tweak code. Make sure you insert one.

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