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Please Help! - I need a Ramdisk

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Does anyone know how to set up a RAM disk in Vista? I have a system build image which I've scripted that combines sysprepped images into wim files, and creates the Vista PE boot environments. It's incredibly disk intensive and I'd like to push the whole lot up into RAM. I could copy all of the files into RAM once a day, make the changes I need to and recompile the image from there. I've currently got the files spread over different U320 SCSI disks and it's still too slow, so a RAM disk would be ideal. RAM is not an issue, system supports up to 32GB.

So far I've only seen Ramdisks working around the 200Mb size, I'm looking for something around 2 or 3 GB, at least.

Any ideas anyone?

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isn't realy a vista related question but, creating a RAM disk of that size won't work, why are you making some many changes to images? recompiling an image should be that disk intensive, how big are hte images that you are working with?

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