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New User problem


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Hi, i was wondering if anyone is able to help me as i have the weirdest problem and i can't for the life of me figure out what is going wrong.

I have just made a Windows XP PRO SP2 Unattended windows CD with RyanVM pack (latest), IE7 and Windows Media player 11 (all intregated with nlite) and it works a treat.

However, at end of the setup process it asks me to eneter User Name(s) for the creation of the User account(s).

So i enter Bry as the first and leave all the other blanks and i get taken to the windows login screen. Where i see



"New User"

(without the ")

Now i did not tell it to create this "New User" and i have double checked cmdlines.txt and OOBEINFO.INI and there is defiantely no mention in either of them about creating any new users or any user account information.

I have also used windows search to search for the command "net user" in my windows files and its found none.

So my question how else can windows automatically be creating a enw user account by the name of "New User" My only thinking right now is this is a weird nlite bug?

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Windows does not create "New user" automatically, you're right. You've serched for "net user", but have you searched for "new user"? It's still a shot in the dark. Anyway, you know the command to delete the "new user" :)

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