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A few small issues with my unattended...

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First off, as with most people, I want to thank the people behind MSFN, nLite, RyanVM Integrator, and so many others. I've learned a LOT from this site and others I've found through it. On to the problems..

I've finally gotten 99% of the kinks out of my unattended CD. And I guess the remaining aren't really problems, just annoyances.

1) Even though my install is completely unattened (Excluding partitioning) I still get the F6 Drivers and F2 ASR prompts and would like to get rid of those if possible.

2) Probably the most minor of all, during GUI setup i get a lot of flashes of command boxes. Anyway to hide those?

3) On first login I get a dialog titled "Advanced INF Install" asking me to restart. What can I do about that?

4) Prevent creation of desktop.ini files

EDIT: I'm removing/editing things from the list as I sort them out..

Thanks in advance for your help.

The install consists of SP2 OEM Source, Updates and a few programs added through RVM Integrator, then Drivers, Hotfixes, more programs, unattened, tweaks, component removal, etc through nLite then a few cmd scripts made by me.

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Also have an issues where on the first boot after running my cleanup scripts and installing a few apps opening gpedit.msc or services.msc yields a crash in mmc.exe, but mmc.exe will run fine by itself. Reboot and all works well.. Any ideas?

Also I found this code around the forums to Enable QuickLaunch by default:

;-----  Enable Quick Launch (CALL FROM CMDLINES to work)

I believe it worked once but I can't get it to work again...

(Note: Thats one long line in my file, I also tried it the way i found it with ,\ through it, neither way works)

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