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Office 2000 admin install

Bad boy Warrior

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Trying to do an admin install of office 2000. When i type d:\setup.exe /a it automatically creates the admin install on the root of the C drive. I dont want it to do that i want to pick the location where it installs. How can i specify the location?

ive tried d:\setup.exe /a "location" but that doesnt work.


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As U explained U hav tried with /A switch

1) Give the path of Ur disc into Run Dialog Box such as

G:\Setup.exe /A

2) Perform the Installtion Instruction (Fill the Name, Org, Product Key, Location for Installtion Source like C:\Office2000 etc....) and proceed next.

3) After the complete the installtion Process. goto C:\Office2000 and run setup.exe(make the ISO or DISC for backup)

4) the whole process going Unatteded and perform Admin installation to Ur desired location.

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I'm sorry to resurrect such an old thread, I know it's terrible form, but I'm fighting with this very issue now.

I've tried running setup.exe /a (as well as /A, with the uppercase a) and I get a "Preparing to install Office 2000" window, which stays up for a few minutes and then closes with a "Setup completed successfully" window. I can see no evidence of it creating another directory on the HDD to serve as an administrative install point and I am never prompted for any options.

I did try running the Custom Install Wizard once before and there's an MST file in the directory. Do I need to delete this? Is there anything else I need to do in order to revert to a "clean" source? This is running from a folder "O2KSB" which contains the files on the Office 2000 Small Business install CD, as well as the install files for SP2 and SP3.

I am extremely frustrated, I will admit that. I am not thinking clearly. I have been interrupted here at the office 12 times since I started trying to figure this out so it's a mess in my head.

What am I doing wrong? Thank you and, again, I apologize for bringing back such an ancient thread. I figured it was better than spamming a new one.

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