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Question About Guirunonce


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A popular method of deploying hotfixes, registry hacks, etc is through the GuiRunOnce section of the unattend file. This method is very versatile and works good. I have found one problem with this method though.

Awhile back i was playing with an install that was originally installed with one of my unattended cd's that installed everything through GuiRunOnce. I ended up breaking the install, so i repaired the registry (Q307545). After restarting the pc did boot up, however i got errors such as "unable to find whatever.bat". Then once at the desktop all my custom registry tweaks were missing. My only thought was the repair registry was saved before GuiRunOnce ran my batch file, since it was acting like the first time i booted up.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? Has anyone else tried repairing the registry after doing an unattended install using GuiRunOnce?

Recently i found a possible workaround, ERUNT. ERUNT can silently update the repair registry.

Put ERUNT in your system32 folder then run this command after your batch file finishes:

ERUNT %windir%\Repair /sysreg /noconfirmdelete /noprogresswindow

This will ensure your repair registry is the same as your registry after you unattend setup finishes, avoiding any conflicts.


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