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Optional Language Updates

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Does anyone know a registry setting or other tweak to hide the optional language updates by default in Windows Update?

In addition, how about unattended microsoft update activation? Preferably without an internet connection


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Hey dudes,

Do a clean install, make sure all updates are installed, hide your languagepacks and other updates you want to hide then:


2. go to c:\windows\

3. copy the whole directory softwaredistribution to another location

4. delete the dir downloads in softwareditstribution.

5 put your softwaredistribution folder in your install.wim c:\windows


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Has anyone found the CAB file for Microsoft Update so that it can be integrated into the WIM? A link would be great

You should look for a installer, not a cab file. WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe

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WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe does NOT include Microsoft Update...it still requires that the user navigates to Microsoft Update and install the new settings

no s***, WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe is only a update for your windowsupdate engine.

To migrate/integrate windowsupdate settings like receiving updates for windows and other microsoft product or hiding languagepacks you should copy softwaredistribution into your install.wim image as I said before :whistle:

And hell yeah - it works.

you tried? :rolleyes: yu'd

Good luck :thumbup


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