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Internet Explorer 6 and XP user accounts

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Hi all

Can you help. Had alot of problems upgrading to Tiscali Max. Eventually I did so with a lot of help from Tiscali (India support staff). It now works, but, when i click on IE 6 it just crashes when in my account on XP. I can go on to my wifes user account and click on IE 6 and hey presto it loads ok. I dont want to lose all my favourites, yep I know I should have done a back-up. But it looks like I may have to re-load IE 6 on to my account on XP.

I do not have the original disk, even though the machine is only a year old, it came pre-loaded from Mesh.

What I want to do, since I know the IE on my wifes account is ok, how do I transfer it from one account to another on the same machine. If possible without losing my favs. I presume i would need to get rid of the possible corrupted IE 6 on my account first no matter what, but how do I do that without losing it off my wifes account, all gets complicated.

The important thing to remember is that I am useless at computers without been led, so if you can help point me in the right direction please make it simple.

Any help on this matter would be welcomed.

Thanks for your attention

Kind regards

Phil Allen

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