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Need Help on Programming

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I am trying to make a little program. I need little help on it because i am new to it.

The program i am trying to make it is following..

For example I want to open a specific program and its duplicate or specify how many duplicates i want to open of that program and close it in certain min later. It will continue until you user end it manually.

it is like open same program 5 time and couple min later close it by itself and reopen again and continue closing after couple min later. it repeats until manually ended.

Please help to make the code... I am testing some program so i need the code test it.

Thank you...

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What programming languages are you familiar with? HERE'S an example vb6 project that shows you how to start and stop a specific program. Add a timer control and you should atleast have enough to get you headed in the right direction.

Thank you prompt reply I will check that out. I don't want too much to kill memory. I want to open for example IE for 5 or more windows at the same time and then close it few min. later and it will continue until user ends it by manually. that's what I am trying to do. I was familiar with c++ but I forgot.

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