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Focus disappearing and appearing with Hotfix slipstreaming


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Hi Guys

When I slipstream Hotfixes into a previously SP2-patched WIN XP (which was done in nLite directly, previous step in the program - originally the installation CD is with SP1 only), the Focus disappears constantly in larger or smaller intervals from the current application I work with (I have minimized nLite).

Could it be apperaing when nLite is processing the Hotfixes one by one? :blink:


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This is a known annoyance and there is nothing I can do...unless someone knows a programmatic method to block that, I tried direct windows control but nothing can override it. It happens during hotfix extraction.

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Just to clearly state what I wrote - I used an SP1 WIN XP installation CD (the SP2 was integrated in nLite and the hotfixes also - one after the other ;) )


Well then, fingers crossed for a lucky programmer! :whistle:

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