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Roll-back Vista to XP


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OK, not sure if this has been discussed, so I apologize if someone has already brought something similar to this up already.

Here's the deal: About a week ago I bought a new Dell laptop for my company. At this point, the only OS options I had when configuring the system were Vista. Now, I don't really want Vista--it's not that I'm affraid of change, but I haven't really had time to use it yet and I'd like to give M$ and everyone else time to work out the bugs before I upgrade; plus, I'd like all of our computers to be running same OS.

So my question is this (and keep in mind I want to keep everything legal, which is why I'm asking here): Would it be possible to use an XP CD from one of my other Dells to install onto the one with Vista? Does the OEM license I have for Vista apply to an instance of XP should I choose to install it? Will the old Dell XP cd even work?

If anyone understands this and has input, it would be appreciated.

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The short answer is no, it wouldnt be legal I'm afraid.

If its a OEM license [i.e. it came with the laptop - you have the Vista COA stuck to the bottom of the laptop for example] then its for that OS, and that OS alone.

If the laptop came with XP, and you purchased an upgrade to Vista [or got it via the Express Upgrade scheme] then I dont see why you couldn't install the laptop with a fresh copy of the XP that came with the laptop, but if not, then no, you cant install a copy from another machine. The OEM license is for that machine and that machine only alas.



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Most OEM Vista Licenses include downgrade rights to XP. You would not be able to use an OEM CD that was installed on another machine because it would violate that OEM License. An OEM license is tied to the hardware as soon as it is installed. My recomendation would be to purchase an XP OEM Kit. That should give you the best cost option to install.



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Most OEM Vista Licenses include downgrade rights to XP

@Jakebo - care to show me where it says you can do then? ;)

This is why I said what I said - the short answer is no.

*IF* you had a Volume License Agreement and a Volume license of Vista then yes, you can use the previous version.... however, as the OP states that he/she bought the Dell PC with Vista on it, that is a OEM license and as such, does not give you any "previous version" rights....

But I'll take it all back if you can show me where I'm wrong.

@ TheFlash428:

No problem. It does seem strange they dont give the option but i guess they may not be able to with any new line product - but I cant say what the license agreement of a Royalty OEM is, as I'm not one naturally hehe ;)

Like I said and Jakebo said, your best bet is purchasing a OEM of Windows XP - although you will generally need to buy a mouse or something to go with it, as they are meant to be sold only with hardware. At least then you'll still have your Vista license ready for when your ready to take the plunge within the company.

Depending on how many computers, servers, and MS software you have in the company, you might want to look at Volume licensing, as there are quite a few options to consider :)



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Why not call up Dell and ask them? I'm sure they've run into this question many times already and can tell you what your options are based on their own agreements w/M$. It's a lot better than guessing and could save you time and money.

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