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How can install multi type hal.


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From Deploy.chm: [unattended] section:


Specifies the type of custom hardware abstraction layer (HAL) that Setup Loader loads and installs by text-mode Setup.

Syntax ComputerType = HAL_description [, Retail | OEM]Values HAL_description [, Retail | OEM]


Informs Setup that the HAL to install is part of Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 family.


Indicates that the HAL to load is OEM-supplied. If this is the case, you must also list the driver name in the [OEMBootFiles] section of the Unattend.txt file.

Examples ComputerType = "OEM HAL", OEM

ComputerType = "Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC", Retail

Comments This entry is valid only when the value of OemPreinstall is Yes. If the ComputerType entry is not present, Setup attempts to detect the type of computer and install the appropriate retail HAL.

The HAL_description string identifies the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) to install. It must match one of the strings in the [Computer] section of TxtSetup.sif (for a retail HAL) or TxtSetup.oem (for an OEM HAL).

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If i set

computer type to automatic(as default is) then it is not possible to install multipal HAL. It automatically detect and install appropriate HAL?

It mean it is not possible to insall multipal hal where we set computer type auto in single PC.

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