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F-Secure Client Security 9 + updates using fsdbupdate9


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Install silently, F-Secure Client Security 9 with updated AntiVirus, spyware, spam, parental control definitions using fsdbupdate9.exe

Useful to add to the WPI disc.

Thanks to Loras for steps 1, 3 and 4.

Updating the definitions can be done soon after silent install without a restart.

Use the attached files to do silent install rightaway. if you use the attached files, skip steps 1 and 2.

DOWNLOAD F-Secure CS 9 from here

Step1 : Run Setup manually and stop when window with components appear. Go to "%userprofile%/local settings/temp/fssetup0000001" or ur temp directory and copy the file product.ini to any location. Then continue and finish the installation (to extract admin.pub).

Step 2: Again the admin.pub error("error while using the key in admin.pub") persists (since v5 as far as i know) in this version too after silent install. so manual install is needed to extract the admin.pub file. After manual installation is over, copy the file admin.pub from %programfiles%\f-secure\common to any location.

Step3 : download fsdbupdate9.exe and save it in any location.

fsdbupdate9 contains all databases, i.e. AV, Spyware, Spam, Parental, etc.

Step4 : Now extract the fsecure installation file to a location and open prodsett.ini and do the following changes and save:

[F-Secure common]
CD-Key=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx[i][b](put there your CD key)[/b][/i]

[i][b][u]check for these two entries and add or replace in All the listed or newly added sections:[/u][/b][/i]
SilentMode=1 (replace 0 with 1 in all entries)
Debug=0 (replace 1 with 0 in all entries)

[u][b][i]If this section is not present, add this section, otherwise change accordingly:[/i][/b][/u]
[Silent Setup]

; Dlg...Off = 0 | 1 | 2
; where: 0 - always display
; 1 - display in custom mode, skip in typical mode
; 2 - always hide.
DlgWelcomeOff = 1
DlgLicenseOff = 1
DlgKeycodeOff = 1
DlgUserModeOff = 1
DlgSelectComponentsOff = 1
DlgSelectPathOff = 1

Step5 : Now add the files admin.pub, product.ini and fsdbupdate9.exe to the extracted location.

Step6 : use the following commands to install f-secure cs 9.

%CDROM%\FSecureCS\setup.exe -s
xcopy "%CDROM%\FSecureCS\admin.pub" "%PROGRAMFILES%\F-Secure\common" /S /Y
%CDROM%\FSecureCS\fsdbupdate9.exe -f

Thats it. F-Secure CS 9 is installed with updates.

restart the computer now.


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Thnx, I'll try...

But as I can read on the offical F-Secure webpage: "Users of F-Secure Anti-Virus 2007/F-Secure Internet Security 2007: FSUpdate cannot be used to update these products. Please download and execute FSUpdate2 utility instead."


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i just checked the website and what u said is true. But this is Client Security 7. According to the site, both fsupdate and fsupdate2 work with FS-CS7.

It says - FSUpdate/FSUpdate2 work with all F-Secure Anti-Virus products for Windows, but are not recommended except when there is a problem with the recommended updating methods.

As this is unattended installation, updating using fsupdate/fsupdate2 makes the virus definitions uptodate.

here is the link for fsupdate2.


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Hi, i'm very new... (i'm an italian boy.... :hello: where the peoples likes me was called "niu-bbi" for the assonance "new+beat" :whistle: )

I've read this guide, but the silent install for the version cs7 build 515 doesn't work correctly.

It stop in the F-secure policy manager window. What is the correct parameter for choose locally managed standalone installation?

I tried with

Dlgpolicymanageroff = 1

but doesn't work.... :angry:


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by default, it would install with 'locally managed standalone application' during silent install. kindly check with the Step-4 and verify they are entered correctly. are u using non-english version? If u do so, modify the SilentModePluginsLang entry in [silent Setup] accordingly. u can find the available languages option in [F-Secure common]. I have just reformatted the explaination in step-4. kindly go through it again.

kindly post any issues.

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  • 6 months later...

Are these process assume that you want a locally managed standalone install? Is it different when you want a Centrally managed installation? I assume that I need to use the admin.pub file from a f-secure policy manager server instead of manually extracting from a installed directory.

Also, how would you do if you want to install only certain components? I only want to install Anti-virus & Anti-spyware scanner and E-mail scan components and nothing else.

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I found the administration guide for the f-secure client security 7, which includes guide to modify prodsett.ini file. According to that, setting SetupMode to 1 at F-secure Common section installs f-secure as a centrally managed client, while setting the value to 2 makes it as a locally managed client. After setting SetupMode to 1, you can change the settings at the [PMSUINST.DLL] section and [FSMAINST.DLL] section to point it to the server that holds the admin.key and the address of the server that is running the Policy manager. Also, you can change which components to install by editing the InstallMode value to either 0 or 1.

Here is the link for the guide since it's too big for the attachment: http://www.f-secure.com/export/system/fsga...inguide_eng.pdf

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