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What will happen to my music if I upgrade to Vista?


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I have heard lots of rumors about DRM in Vista. This is a concern for me for a couple of reasons. Would this affect my computer's ability to play WMA files that I've ripped from my CDs, or its ability to play MP3 files I downloaded back before the DMCA was passed, but never deleted? Would Windows try to find out if those files were supposed to protected or not, and block my access to them? Also, would Vista refuse to use unencrypted video/audio outputs at all times, or just when protected content is playing? I have no plans to play DVD or other movies on such a system, but do plan to use a DVD-Reader to install computer software. How much should I be concerned?

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thats for like itunes music n stuff, protected content which i believe allows transfer to 5 computers or something, even so its easy to use recording programs to record the protected music as you play it.

i had no troubles ripping dvd's to hardisk and coping to another dvd as i always make backups of all my season sets which are protected. hi def dvd's when played will have standard resolution due to licensing restrictions from media creators, however licenses are granted to some 3rd parties such as windvd or powerdvd, so when available you can see hi def content with those

vista does nothing else to block pirated content, only prevent pirating of itself

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